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The Last Post. As it were. Bringing our French trip to a conclusion. After our only day of rain in three weeks (other than the drive from the ferry) we headed out late in the day for quick explore of the Mont Lozere area where the Tarn river has its source. The photo below at Mas Camargue is of the infant Tarn a few miles from that source


We’d driven up through some wonderful and peaceful rural landscapes and small hamlets of Villeneuve and L’Hopital along some narrow and rough tracks. The feel is very reminiscent of Dartmoor or Bodmin Moor. Lots of grassland, heather and granite tors and boulders


As the storm was passing and evening rolling in the cloud effects were dramatic. I’m especially proud of this image with dark skies and sunlit buildings




The views from every corner were awesome and we stopped many times to admire, a welcome relief after being stuck in the camper in the rain for most of the day


We took a short stroll down to the pool at Gasbiel. It was dark and gloomy but it did look worth a visit on a sunnier day. Watch this space




The next day was our kayak trip along the gorge but for our last day we decided to pay the area another visit. It was a stunning day of deep blue sky and unbroken sunshine. We first took a walk to see the Cascade des Ruisses. The views from the walk across the upper reaches of the Tarn valley were stunning



The waterfall itself was equally impressive but hard to capture as its sits in deep tree filled ravine




Onward and upward we took a stroll and lunch in the peaceful village Le Pont Montvert, also on the banks of the Tarn




Like most of the valley the village has its own rather splendid collection of natural swimming holes

IMG_1344 IMG_1345

We opted to revisit the highest part of Mont Lozere again and this time under the deep blue sky it was majestic


We walked down to Gasbiel again to laze away the afternoon. It was transformed under a sunny day into an idyllic spot. A deep green pool backed by huge slabs of warm granite just perfect for sunbathing



It was also quiet with just a handful of families and no-one in the water. I soon worked out why. The water was absolutely freezing! I’d swum comfortably in the river no more than 15 miles downstream the day before. Despite the cold the water was wonderfully clear and refreshing (just not the place for an extended swim). Even at this altitude (around 1300m) the sun was hot and the rocks pleasantly warm.

Surprisingly TBF went in for a swim. She’s smiling in the last photo so she must have enjoyed it





TJS was feeling a little under the weather so was content to simply enjoy some quiet time




I took another swim and explored the other pools. It was another of my favourite spots of the holiday



Me and TBF took a short stroll along the river and across the meadows



This little abandoned dwelling caught my eye and was very photogenic



The smell and colour of heather was everywhere, again reminding me of home, fitting as this was our last day before returning


A wonderful last day finished off with another evening picnic by the river at the campsite.


Happy memories of a fantastic holiday but still tinged with a little sadness that TJS wasn’t with us. Back to the real world now and time to catch up on my activities since we got home. Some pretty good one’s too

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  1. You’re absolutely right about that photo with the dark skies and the sunlight buildings. The other photos are pretty stunning too. Looks like another great place to visit.
    Glad to hear that you are back in the real world too. Have you thought about your next holiday – Narnia, Earthsea, Discworld, Middle-Earth, Lankhmar?
    (Better stop there, I may be revealing my geeky teenage swords and sorcery obsession to the world).


    • I’ve said it many times but this part of France is just packed with wonderful places like this as well as the usual adventures and stunning towns/villages. Never found time to visit Minas Tirith though, I hear it’s quite nice

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a fantastic summer you have had in this region of France.
    I am impressed with the range of photographs in this post. Waterfall, heather, quaint village, old building, the passing of the rain and that wonderful stream with rock pols and slabs of rock. It’s been marvellous to join you via the blog.


    • Thanks Helen. It was a wonderful trip and we discovered some fantastic new spots to relax and to play! The area has so much variety as you can see and if make a little effort you can find quiet and unspoilt corners (certain parts of France can be a little crowded!). Glad you enjoyed the journey 🙂


  3. Haven’t been to France this year, but could be getting minor withdrawal symptons…. 😉


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