Touring Through the Tarn – Up in the Trees Part 2   4 comments


Another day, another “Accrobranche” afternoon in the trees


This one was by the far the most scenic and relaxed. No bookings taken, just show up, brief lesson and then off into the park. They even let you go around the course as many times as you like. The big draw is the fact that its right by the river Tarn making for all the better views


The usual fun, wobbling about on planks and swinging about on ropes


The big plus for this one was however the fact that the zip lines (of which this course had many) went right over the river which adds a certain exciting twist to things



In fact a small and perfectly formed course. We’ve done tougher and more interesting challenges but this one is my favourite for the views and the very relaxed and friendly atmosphere created by the instructors




Me and TBF went round twice, quite a challenge in the hot weather but it was too much fun not to



The final zip line back over the river was especially long and fast.



TBF seems to have taken the award for the most active of the family on these things and is in her element playing the Tarzan role (she is called Jane after all!)



Great fun in the sun and as you can probably tell by now, a family favourite  🙂


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4 responses to “Touring Through the Tarn – Up in the Trees Part 2

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  1. Les singes sont dans les arbres!
    No helmets?! How very gallic. (Come to that – no elbow or knee pads, no crash mats etc etc. It does look like an idyllic setting. And I think I might enjoy the zip-wires, although the endings looked a bit rough.)



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