Vistas in the Verdon – Lac de Sainte Croix and Bauduen   2 comments


We’ve visited this part of Provence many times but never explored the shores of the Lac de Sainte Croix. My Wild Swimming guide was fulsome in its praise and it wasn’t misplaced. Its superb. A wild and remote coastline away from the road and a wonderful Provencal village of Bauduen on its shores. After our first kayak trip into the Verdon we took a drive long the rough track from Bauduen and went for a swim


The beaches are wild, untamed and rocky but the water is clear and perfect for a dip. It was a little cloudy and cool but the light effects were tremendous


We left TJF to read while me and Beach Funster Senior went for a walk up the coast. There is a well known spot where a dramatic rock juts out into the deep water. Braver souls than me jump from the high point into the water. Its a perfect spot


The skies began to clear as we walked back to the car and the views were superb out across the lake and along the wild and rocky shore






We liked the area so much we went back a couple of days later to visit the village of Bauduen itself. The village has an excellent beach complete with rocks to swim around and jump off into the exceptionally deep and opaquely clear water




Its a perfect family spot with calm easy swimming and lots of fun to be had. The funsters of course are in their element lazing in the hot sun



We had a memorable time just alternating long swims with sunbathing on the beach


The village is stunning, a typical Provencal affair with narrow twisting streets and golden houses. The walk along the lake-front was especially rewarding



We enjoyed it so much we went back again a couple of days later and spent the whole day on the beach this time (we’d headed off to go kayaking after lunch the first time)




There was something rather wonderful about this spot. Busy in a happy sort of way without being overcrowded, as much of Provence is. Every swim was a pleasure and I especially enjoyed the scrambles to the top of the rocks and the jumps in to the deep cool water




A place to return to in future visits


2 responses to “Vistas in the Verdon – Lac de Sainte Croix and Bauduen

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  1. Looks ideal – just needs some rock-pools and resident crabs etc to make it perfect!


    • There were lots of fish swimming by your feet when paddling but its the jumps and dives that are the fun part – that and soaking up some sun and eating food in the restaurant in the village


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