Vistas in the Verdon – The Local Sights   4 comments

Memo to self. Spending two hours first thing in the morning taking the camper down and two hours last thing in the evening putting it back up, sandwiched around an eight hour drive across France is a rather too challenging way to spend a day! 🙂

The second part of our French trip was spent in the magnificent Gorges du Verdon, the French answer to the Grand Canyon. We’ve visited a number of times on day trips from Provence but we thought we’d stay a little closer. We chose the campsite Domaine Chasteuil de Provence and it was excellent.


We had a huge riverside pitch with plenty of much needed shade and the staff were friendly and extremely helpful. If I had a minor complaint it was the weekly disco that went on a little too late and was far too loud for our taste but other than that it was perfect.


In truth we spent a lot more time at the other end of the gorge (more later) so we’d have been better off staying nearer to the lake  but it was still a fine place. Favourite was to sit and eat/drink right down by the river watching the wild birds and fish and the people floating down on a variety of inflatables. It was especially fine in the mornings when the warm sun bathed our little slice of river heaven


The river is quite shallow as it runs through the site but it’s deep enough to float down on an inflatable and has a nice swimming area at one end to cool off and sunbathe on the beach






The views through the trees to the surrounding peaks are mighty fine.  We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and would happily go back




We took a visit to the local town of Castellane for a wander about and some lunch



I managed to pull together enough energy for a walk to the top of the the Chappelle du Notre Dame du Roc (french for church on top of the big steep rock!)



It was a hot and sweaty climb to the top but the views across the Provencale mountains and the town below were worth the effort




A fine base to explore the many vistas and activities the area offers. More to follow


4 responses to “Vistas in the Verdon – The Local Sights

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  1. Looks like a lovely place to stay. France has so many places to visit. More canoeing/kayaking in the next post?


    • A pitch right by the river is hard to beat. You should take the camper to France for a trip, endless options with loads to do (not all as foolishly far to drive as Provence!). A double kayak trip feature coming up in the next post


  2. Definitely worth the drive, but I am surprised it took so long! I got hot and sweaty climbing a peak today, but while I thought the views were pretty good, yours is hard to beat. Perfect spot to be camped!


    • Always worth the effort the effort to climb a hill on a hot sunny day and take in the views. Campsite was lovely (apart from the disco!), large but never felt busy or crowded with a nice relaxed family atmosphere


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