Down in the Dordogne – Up in the Trees   8 comments

The family have a passion for these tree climbing places. France would appear to be their spiritual home as most places we’ve visited seems to have one nearby. Competition appears to be a healthy thing as most of them are far better and far cheaper than the UK’s own Go Ape franchise that seems to be the only offering.


This one was by far the cheapest and biggest course we’ve done and also the toughest. A full half a day to get around most of it in 30C temperatures (quite some undertaking for the 50+ age group)



TJF is a natural, being slim, tall, lithe, athletic with a good sense of balance




TBF takes pride of place in these photos as me and TJF gave the final course a miss. I’d managed to turn one of the rope bridges upside-down so I was in the bad books. I was pretty much banned from the final few obstacles for being old, incompetent and out of shape



This did however give me the chance for some action shots of TBF while she outdid most of the people on the course by completing the final and very difficult looking course with aplomb





Considering her diminutive height she’s rather good at this stuff although she clearly isn’t hampered by hauling around the excess weight I have to deal with 🙂




As always, a great afternoons entertainment that’s a firm fixture of our French holidays. Thanks to the people at Appel de la Foret for building the course and rescuing middle aged men from activities they should know better than to attempt


8 responses to “Down in the Dordogne – Up in the Trees

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  1. Clearly, the wrong person had the camera here. I want to see video of you turning the rope bridge upside down! TBF has to have the camera next time you tackle a rope course.


  2. Cool action photos. Thank You. They brought to my mind Tarzan. 🙂


  3. Green Day on the tunes as well, great choice! That’s me digging American Idiot and co out for a listen tomorrow!


  4. Looks like fun! The only course we’ve done is one of the Go Ape courses in Scotland several years back. Since then, many have popped up around Colorado but we haven’t done any of them here. Did thoroughly enjoy the Go Ape course with some very long zip lines (I think at the time they boasted the longest zip line on any of their courses).


    • That will be the one at Aberfeldy, always wanted to try that zip-line. Go Ape seem to have cornered the market in the UK. There are are few others but not many. The French ones we’ve done have always been much better. Bigger, more challenging courses and a whole lot cheaper. Another one coming up in a post later this week 🙂


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