Down in the Dordogne – Campsites and Medieval Towns   9 comments


After a hectic two days back home from Wales we were off again for our main summer trip to France. Sadly it was only the three of us as TJS preferred to stay at home and visit his friends, basing himself at my parents. I understood his decision and had no wish to see him trailing around with looking bored and frustrated. It still never felt quite right the whole time we were away, not having him with us on holiday for the first time in 17 years. I guess its sign of things to come

We had a 3 part trip planned to take in some river based fun. First stop was the Dordogne after a horrid wet drive down from Caen. The rain stopped just as we finished putting the camper up.

Our home for few days was the Domaine de Mathevies. It was a very pleasant site aimed at, and almost exclusively populated by, British families. There were kids everywhere, hundreds of them and I’m sure had we visited 10 years ago our two would have loved it. I can’t quite put my finger on it but we never felt quite as welcome as on other sites. The facilities were first class and particularly their idea of using local street food vendors for evening meals was a big hit. I just don’t think I’d go back. This wasn’t helped by the fact that despite clearly telling them we had a trailer they put us on pitch that was completely unsuitable and took major effort to manoeuvre the camper on and particularly off the pitch


What the site did have was excellent views across the peaceful Dordogne countryside. A few shots to give you a feel for what it was like






Sunsets were particularly stunning



To relax after a long drive we took a visit to Sarlat de Canadet on our first day. It’s one Frances best preserved medieval towns and is packed with the rustic stone buildings that typify the Dordogne region



We spent a pleasant morning wandering its narrow streets and alleys and the busy main square



We had a very fine lunch in one of the numerous restaurants followed by ice cream. A very relaxed way to spend some time together. We were particularly impressed that the the local tradition for postcards is for sweeping views of the Dordogne fronted by scantily clad ladies in bikinis


A very easy paced day before we started to ramp the activity levels up a notch or two


9 responses to “Down in the Dordogne – Campsites and Medieval Towns

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  1. The old town looks terrific, shame about the campsite. How did you manage to get the pool when it was so quiet – 5am swimming?


    • The town was really good, bit busy and touristy but stunning old buildings. The campsite was really nice there was just something I couldn’t put my finger on as to why it didn’t work. We were in the pool around 6pm when everyone else had gone back to their tents, its was as hot in the Dordogne as in Provence


  2. we went here last year and iv been a few times as a child i love the dordonge area so much to do and see. looks like your having lovely weather.


  3. I’m impressed with your camping outfit.I haven’t seen one like that here. The medieval town would be marvellous to explore. Shame about the tourists. I just love the new moon in your sunset.


    • Yes, I was rather pleased with those photos as well😀
      The camper is called an Opus and I think they have version sold in Australia. Being a brand new design we’ve had some issues but overall it’s a brilliant piece of kit


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