Llyn Peninsula Coast and Mynydd Anelog   6 comments

As the kids break for summer we head to the Llyn Peninsula and Towyn Farm. Familiar faces of old friends and favourite beach spots and play draws us back year on year. It was, as always a wonderful few days, relaxing and comfortable. The weather was kind, warm with plenty of sunshine and the rain restricted to nights and early mornings. I don’t seem to have taken any photos of the beach fun that dominates these holidays. If you want a flavour then just look back through my older posts and you’ll find all the evidence you need of just how special a place this and why it has such a hold on my heart.

By way of compensation I do have some photos of a walk along the coast and up to the splendidly name Mynydd Anelog.



We did a similar walk a couple of years back and discovered just what a quiet, unspoilt and magnificent stretch of coast it is.


It was bright but with a good spread of cloud but as we walked it cleared into a pretty much cloudless late afternoon and early evening



We even managed to convince a few of the teenagers to join us



The views from Mynydd Anelog – and in fact all of the various hills along the peninsula are majestic. It’s rather splendid to be able to see both north and south coasts simultaneously. There are other parts of the UK that have a much higher profile and reputation for coastal splendour but the Llyn Peninsula is as good as any of them



At this time of year both the heather and gorse are in bloom and gives striking contrast of colour especially on a clear blue summers evening


As always the island of Bardsey has pride of place off the coast


We were late back to campsite to find everyone else in a deep game of – well, I can’t remember the name – that involves throwing blocks of wood at other blocks of wood. It’s a  rather strange and equally skilful and compelling game and I was bit disappointed to miss out. Made for a good spectator sport while I fired up the BBQ


And seeing as the campsite delivers some stunning sunsets………..


A fabulous long weekend to warm up for our main summer holiday (yes,another one!)

6 responses to “Llyn Peninsula Coast and Mynydd Anelog

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  1. We were in the area for a week in June at Mynydd Cilan. Stayed in the camper for a week & were the only ones there on the site. Great weather as well!


    • That’s one part of the peninsula I don’t know so well although my other half does having spent loads of family holidays there when she was a kid. Porth Ceriad is a stunner of a beach. It really is such a wonderful part of Wales and very unspoilt


  2. Sensational! I can well understand you returning so often.


    • Its become our second home and there are so many quiet hidden corners which is pretty hard in the UK. The extreme end of the peninsula is stunning and very quiet, likely due to the fact its a long way down narrow roads to reach it


  3. Kubb. It is a good game, maybe we could give our set another airing in a couple of weeks? Its a highlight of the year, every year that trip. Long may the kids continue to want to accompany us there, I love it.


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