Pyrenees Grand Tour Day 5 – Back on the Trail   9 comments

Enough rest, it was time to continue our adventures. Having decided to avoid the direct route to the next hut we needed an alternative. The hut staff were again marvellous in helping us arrange a taxi that would take us from the road-head below this hut to the end of the road nearer the Respumuso Hut from where we could continue our walk. I was a little disappointed that we were “cheating” but it was the sensible decision and the replacement walk was very fine indeed

After another bright morning with sunlit clouds we were back underway again


It was a steep and very rocky descent down to Banos de Panticosa. The path took us steeply down towards a deep gorge with thunderous waterfalls before another steep drop down to the village




The path was very narrow in places and several stretches were protected by cables and handrails


After all the adventures and edgy moments of the previous few days the closest I came to real mishap was on a tourist path just above the car park. I lost my balance (no doubt due to a shift in cake position in the rucksack) and flailed about desperately to avoid a tumble down a short gravelly slope to a picnic bench. I still don’t know how I managed not come crashing down and do my self a nasty one.



The taxi arrived bang on time and the very nice lady and her young baby son took us to the road-head at the La Sarra lake above Sallent de Gallego. From there we had an easy steady climb along the valley of the Rio Aguas Limpias.


The route initially took us through wonderful grass meadows with lots of butterflies for company



From there it was up through a deep and rocky gorge with more waterfalls and rapids and up through the bouldery slopes towards the hut


We stopped for lunch below the dam admiring the now expected spread of colourful wild flowers that were a constant and delightful feature of every day



Before too much longer we were back at the Respumuso Hut we’d visited a few nights before


The hut was much busier and having arrived relatively early we had a nice lazy afternoon reading and enjoying the surroundings. There had been the threat of heavy showers and rumbles of thunder all day but after the only light shower the skies cleared for some dramatic evening views across to the same magnificent mountain ranges we’d admired from before


The Pico del Infernos were again catching the eye with their dramatic outline



This was to be our last night in the mountains and it was a pretty fine one. Tomorrow is was time to start the long journey home


9 responses to “Pyrenees Grand Tour Day 5 – Back on the Trail

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  1. Wow, some photos there!
    It’s always the stupid little places where people slip…….
    I’m sure I recognise a couple of those spots from our one Pyrennean trip.


    • Alas I am desperately clumsy – not a terribly good thing for a man who climbs mountains. I have numerous small scars etc from a variety of stupid falls over the years including one where I fell over on a beach trying to stand on a rock that wasn’t there – that was a trip to casualty and half a dozen stitches in my hand.

      Hadn’t realised you’d done some walking in the Pyrenees – they are superb. I’d probably go in September next time to avoid the snow!


  2. I’m sad to read that your adventure here is at an end. It has been fantastic to join you in this dramatically beautiful part of the world.
    Your wonderful photography and writing have given me an amazing ‘virtual’ experience of the Pyrenees.


  3. Once again: Wow! Looks amazing. I assume you were very happy with your choice of destination for TJS’s post-exam treat.


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