Pyrenees Grand Tour Day 4 – At Rest   10 comments

After the exertions of the previous day and seeing as we were already booked in for another night we decided to take a day off and enjoy the surroundings of the Bachimana refuge. We walked round the lake in something of a tired daze the night before and we felt we’d earned a day of leisure


There was more cloud today and there was the threat of thunderstorms all day. We spent a leisurely morning by the hut admiring the scenery and drying out our boots from the previous day’s river crossings



We packed a lunch and headed back along the lakeshore path to the previous day’s stream crossing for a lazy picnic by the river


It was a cracking spot towered over by the dramatic Picos del Infernos. Our planned route for the next day  was to head up and over the col and back down to the Respumuso hut. However the col is one of the highest and toughest on the main Pyrenees walking route and was plastered in snow. We decided there and then that we needed to tone down the route in light of the conditions and save this magnificent crossing for another time.


The walk back along the lake was superb. The sun came out and we could properly appreciate just what a wild and wonderful valley this was




Even down at 2000m there was still plenty of snow. It was amazing just how much bare rock there was on this side of the main ridge (and little of it they bothered to show on the maps!). We took our time and enjoyed the walk this time



It also allowed us to appreciate just how perfectly situated the hut was and were grateful that out of season we were amongst only a handful of visitors



We took an additional stroll up to the dam where there was a small group of Chamois/Izard scrambling about on its terraces. Turns out they are licking the blocks for the minerals and salt that seep through



We enjoyed some rather splendid evening views from the terrace before the cold and a hangover of tiredness forced us inside and to bed



Back onto the trail the next day


10 responses to “Pyrenees Grand Tour Day 4 – At Rest

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  1. (nitpick: pictures are “chamois” (or “isard”?), not ibex. But very nice blog!)


  2. More great pictures! I suspect a rest day was much needed after the previous exertions.


    • It certainly was needed! It was a superb location and it was nice to spend some some leisurely time exploring and it was great to have itv pretty much to ourselves. The amount of high quality walking the Pyrenees is amazing


  3. A well earned easy day!


  4. A perfect way to spend the day after yesterday’s exertions.


  5. Stunning photos! I love the ruggedness and remoteness of the area.


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