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Talking a walk after work is a perfect way to unwind and my drive home from Bristol where I work has plenty of options. Over the past couple of years I don’t seem to have managed it as much as I should. A couple of weeks back I got an opportunity and grabbed it.



Bryn Arw is one of my favourites and I’ve walked and blogged this route many times. Its perfect for an after work jaunt. Relatively short but with a small mountain feel and superb views.



It does have a short road section but at this time of year the hedgerows are alive with wild flowers so its hardly a chore. Best of all and for reasons I can’t explain its deserted. I can’t recall seeing more than a couple of other people in the many times I’ve been up here and on an evening as grand as this one I still found it surprising that I saw no-one else.

Ysgyryd Fawr always catches the eye



It was bright and sunny but cooler than it looked but I managed to find a sheltered spot for the obligatory mountain top cuppa



The Sugar Loaf also looks good from the summit ridge


And as this seems to be the age of the selfie……



Looking back at these photos I’m amazed again at the marvel of modern technology. All these photos were taken with my smartphone. Amazing clarity and image quality from such a small multi-purpose device





Makes the long days at work feel a little less of a drag when you can take in a walk as good as this on the way home


6 responses to “Post Walk Amble – Bryn Arw

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  1. People just don’t go walking before 10am or after 4pm. More fool them and lucky us!
    The photos are amazing, I would never have guessed that they were taken on a phone: only difficulty is that some b****r might ring you up.


  2. Looks like a great walk! I need to make more of an effort to get home from work in time to do the same!


  3. Lovely way to unwind after work if you can make the time:)


    • I should do it more often. This walk only adds a couple of hours to my journey home. Really invigorates you after a day spent in front of a laptop and in meetings


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