Afternoon Stroll   4 comments

Back to mid-April and an opportunity for a short walk with TBF along The Cats Back


Another chance to play with the Panorama function on the camera. Still rather difficult to get right but its coming along


There was some bright sunshine but also dark stormy clouds




We got caught by one rather nasty hail storm as it bounced its way on us and through, but it stayed dry after that



The return along the Olchon Valley is a fine one. Alas the local hill plague that are trail bikes have found it. The path was one long line of rutted wheel tracks where once there was a grassy path. Every step I took just mad me angrier and sadder. These monstrosities are slowly destroying most of the paths in the Black Mountains. The damage in some places is heartbreaking and likely irrepairable. Its rare to walk in these fine austere hills without hearing their annoying waspish buzz and smell of petrol at some point. Something should be done about this but I can’t see what

Makes me very depressed now as I think about that walk down the path


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  1. Like the panoramas, particularly the first one. Hard to know what to do about the trail bikes. I have seen them a couple times in the Lakes but on one of those occasions they were on the old coach road near Keswick and not really doing any harm. Sadly some people seem to feel a sense of entitlement – A and I were camping last night by Small Water and we found burnt ground and a grill where somebody had had a fire, and also a substantial tent pole. I’ve found similar, or worse, littered evidence of wild-campers who don’t leave the place as they found it in several otherwise lovely spots in the Lakes. What’s to do?


    • I find the panoramas pretty hard to get right on my small camera – never actually tried it it on the DSLR – I am getting better though, a couple more to come on the next post.

      I’m all in favour of everyone having free access to the hills but there has to be some appreciation of the environment and personal responsibility. I don’t have much of an issue with motorised transport using the by-ways and hard tracks but the trail bikes seem to actively seek out the mud bits and enjoy spewing up mud as they go, no mind to the severe damage just one bike can cause as was the case here. Same goes for walkers as well to be honest, leaving litter and like you saw, fire scorch marks and the like. I don’t subscribe to the bans proposed in Scotland (we don’t need bans as there already laws in place to prosecute people who leave litter and rubbish). Its becoming more common for people to make use of the outdoors for recreation, which of course is a good thing but everyone who uses it should be considerate of the environment and others. Education not legislation though

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  2. What wonderful wide open views! Too bad about the mountain bikers though…


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