A wander in the Rheidol Valley   8 comments

Back in October we followed our usual plan, staying at my parents caravan in mid-Wales, TBF and the kids for the week and me for the weekends. After a a day’s surf kayaking at Rest Bay we had the Sunday for a day out. TJF is not big on long walks so I scoured the local maps and found a decent route at the far end of the Rheidol valley.


Parking at the road end we first came across a rather splendid set of waterfalls with cascades and deep scoured pools. Perfect spot for a summer picnic and a swim and I was even disappointed that in the mild October weather I hadn’t brought my swimming stuff.




The Rheidol has been heavily industrialised as a water and power source both recently and longer term. Overlooking the falls are ruins of mine workings for a range of metals and some rather unusual coloured waste heaps. In more recent times the river has been dammed in both the lower reaches and high in the mountains at Nant-y-Moch

Our stroll took us up steeply through the forest, with the river, unseen, tumbling noisily below us. The path eventually opened out onto a rather splendid  high traverse above the river with distant (and free!) glimpses of the waterfalls at Devils Bridge.



Autumn colours were in abundance and we found grand open meadow for a spot of lunch and a cuppa




We were following the route of another of those long distance paths that seem to spring up everywhere these days. This one is the Borth to Devils Bridge to (the wonderfully named) Pontrhydfendigaid trail. No idea why someone thought up linking these 3 places together or whether there is a good reason for it but who cares when it takes you through grand scenery like this



This corner of Wales is well off the beaten track and we saw no other walkers during the day.



The route took us on lanes through the equally wonderfully named hamlet of Ystumtuen. Very friendly it was too, several people working in, and driving through the village wishing us good day and hoping we were enjoying our walk.


Just before a very steep descent back to the car (I was surprised how far we had climbed) we were treated to a fine view out over the Rheidol valley to the coast


A last stretch back along the road ended a rather nice easy paced family day.


Well worth further exploration is this part of or “second home” neighbourhood. It still amazes me that I spent several weeks every year in the area when my grandparents had a caravan in the same place yet still I’m discovering new places I never knew were there


8 responses to “A wander in the Rheidol Valley

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  1. Love the Autumn colors!


  2. Your children are really shooting up Andy. They were quite small when I started reading your blog!


    • I know, I often look at photos from just a few years ago and take a double-check at how they’ve changed, especially my daughter. My wife is now the shortest person in the family, although not much of an achievement seeing as I’m the tallest at 5′ 9″
      My son is now well into his mountain walking so he found this little amble a bit tame, but I like to try and get them both into the outdoors as a family as much as we can

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  3. You forgot your swimming stuff? Fancy nose peg, cap and speedo goggles? Legs? Trunks? Surely not the latter – I thought you said that there was no one about?
    The area looks lovely, especially the river.


  4. Lovely scenery and autumn colours 🙂


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