Pedalling through the Forest of Dean   6 comments

In a bout of foolishness I decided to take the family cycling. Anybody who knows me is aware that I’m not terribly fond of cycling. For a start I don’t much like bikes, they are the work of satan if you ask me, always in constant need of attention and an array of squeaks and squeels no matter how much you try to stop them. I have my kids for that, I don’t need it from mechanical contraptions. I’m not really built for cycling either being short of leg and wide of girth. Despite all this cycling is at least something that I thought we could all take some pleasure from seeing as TJF hates walking.

Forest of dean, family cycleway, cycling

Forest of dean, family cycleway, cycling

Somewhere without any big hills seemed in order and as it was windy some trees would be nice. Forest of Dean fits that particular bill with its family cycleway using some of the old coal mining rail routes.

Forest of dean, family cycleway, cycling

Forest of dean, family cycleway, cycling

In fact it was rather nice. The sun came out the cycling was easy and we found a nice open sunny glade for a picnic.

Forest of dean, family cycleway, cycling

Forest of dean, family cycleway, cycling

All was going well until on the only major downhill section TJS got rather over-excited, went too fast and fell off. He seemed fine until I pointed out a large hole in his trousers only partly covering a nasty graze on his rump. The sight of blood turned him a fetching greyish-white colour and his cycling was over. He walked back while I went and fetched the car.

Forest of dean, family cycleway, cycling

Put a bit of damper on the day but it was different and enjoyable in its way but I still prefer my feet to wheels unless those wheels come in groups of four with a enclosed body and roof, aircon and a a stereo 🙂


6 responses to “Pedalling through the Forest of Dean

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  1. Looks grand, apart from the falling off bit. I ran a half marathon once along those old railway lines in the Forest of Dean – I seem to recall that there are some pretty long ups and downs. Likewise, I have absolutely no patience with mechanical problems on bikes. Boots are definitely the better technology.


    • It was quite a nice day in the end but TJS found the falling off a bit traumatic. I sometimes think I should get into cycling but I think it will only ever be a casual affair for me. It’s the way that nothing ever seems to be quite right with a bike no matter how much you tweak and adjust them. Perhaps modern ones are better but I doubt it. I just don’t think I’ll ever learn to love them. Cycling to and from the loos at Towyn will be my limit

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  2. Cycling always makes me sing….Come to think of it though, I often sing when I’m walking on my own, too….


    • Unfortunately cycling and especially trying to do anything with bikes, taking wheels off, fitting them on roof racks etc normally has me saying “I ****ing hate bikes!” 🙂
      At least we were outdoors in the sunshine and I secretly admit I quite enjoyed it but we did have some of the above mentioned moments!


  3. Looks like a nice bike trail. I used to do a lot of cycling – at one point around 1,800 miles a year but now I prefer hiking. And, I never liked steep climbs or descents on my bike. We do have quite a few nice bike trails in and around the metro area and some nice paths up in the mountains as well. Several times we’ve gone back to Iowa (where we grew up) and ridden several says of a ride called Ragbrai which is a week long ride across the state from the Missouri River on the west to the Mississippi River on the east.


    • I really think I should like cycling, being the outdoor type and all but me and bikes have just never got on. Possibly cycling around easy trails in Colorado would suit me better as it’s rather hiily round where I live 🙂


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