Back from Travels with my Family   12 comments

Been a bit quiet on here the past few weeks and I bet you were all wondering where I’d gone. You were worried, I can tell as you’re all very caring readers, I can see that from here.

Well, after a year and half of planning and anticipation we went to Queensland, Australia for a month and what an amazing time we had. I’m still sifting through photos and in fact I’m still several posts behind from my pre-holiday antics so it will be a few weeks before I start to write up all the fantastic stuff we got up to.

In advance of that here’s a bit of taster of what’s to come and the places – and wildlife – we saw

Whale Watching at Hervey Bay

IMG_4421 IMG_4604

Fraser Island


Lady Elliot Island

P1230125 IMG_5079 IMG_4961

Eungella National Park

IMG_5332 IMG_5448

The Whitsunday Islands

P1230258 IMG_5688

Magnetic Island

IMG_6133 IMG_5942 IMG_6291

Mission Beach & Dunk Island

IMG_6529 IMG_6384

Port Douglas & the Great Barrier Reef

IMG_7037 P1230374 P1230356 Leanna Koala

Daintree River

IMG_6855 IMG_6858 IMG_6892

Cape Tribulation and Far North Queensland.

IMG_7369 IMG_7316 IMG_7248 IMG_7218

But first, back to Shropshire, The Elan Valley and the Lleyn Peninsula………



12 responses to “Back from Travels with my Family

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  1. Can’t wait to see more pictures of your trip to Australia! How fortunate that you were able to go for a month! We went several years back for only 2 weeks which was not nearly long enough. From your “taster”, it looks like it was an amazing trip!


  2. Where are the corks…, hang on, did that already! Okay, welcome home to dear old blighty. Looking forward to fuller details of the (many) places you visited.


  3. It may all be all very well having all that sunshine and lovely beaches and nature and all that but you did miss a night in the hills spooning myself and Reuben………..


  4. Amazing wildlife! Oh, I see those are your family…


  5. Very exciting 😊 just been musing about how much it would cost to ship our van out there for a trip!


    • I’ll be boring everyone for several weeks with stories. I suspect it MIGHT be cheaper to hire one 🙂

      Seriously a great place for a van trip, loads of them out there and so easy to get around. Had we not been staying on islands for a significant part of the trip we were seriously considering hiring one as our way of getting around


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