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The problem with being several months behind with your blog posts is that you forget stuff. I claimed in my previous post that the it was the only totally dry day over the Xmas holiday. Well it wasn’t. They day after now I’ve checked my photos was also rather nice, albeit a little cold As we had TJF with us a walk starting high without much climbing was needed. Blorenge fits that bill as you can park at 500m pretty much on the summit. Me and TJS walked up here a couple of years ago so I wanted to introduce the other family members to its charms. Poor TJS was feeling under the weather with a cold and only came out ‘cos he thought I’d make him! I’m not that much of an ogre – am I?

Blorenge, Brecon Beacons

The whole area is marked with the remains of industry long gone. The old pit town of Blaenanvon is a mile away and the hills are criss-crossed with disused tramways. It was one of those we followed today We parked up at Pen-Ffordd Goch Pond which looked stunning under a clear sky.

Pen-Ffordd-Goch Pond, Sugar Loaf

Pen-Ffordd-Goch Pond

It was perishingly cold though with a harsh frost just thawing. Rather than take the main path we skirted along the east edge. Not a great idea as it was astonishingly wet. We managed to get back onto the tramway without too much wet foot idiocy and carried on.

Blorenge, Pen-Ffordd-Goch

The tramway is a fine stroll, perfectly level with wide views across the Usk valley to the Brecon Beacons and the Black Mountains, Sugar Loaf in particular catching the eye as it always does.

Blorenge, Sugar Loaf



Sugar Loaf

As the tramway fades out the grassy edge becomes precipitous and the view over the town of Abergavenny towards Ysgyryd Fawr is especially fine. I have a love for views over towns for some reason. Being able to pick out the lattice-work of streets and the signs of the real lived-in world seem to contrast with the wild beauty of the mountains – in my head at least.


ysgyryd fawr, abergavenny

As always we had a lunch stop planned but there was a biting cold wind and it turned into a pretty grim lunch. TBF had several fleeces, two down duvets and a cagoule on and I was chilled to the bone. TJS was feeling very sorry for himself. I should really invest in a family sized bothy bag for such occasions.

Blorenge, Sugar Loaf, black mountains


Surprisingly TJF really seemed to be enjoying the walk, probably as there is less than 100 foot of ascent on the entire route

blorenge, abergavenny, ysgyryd fawr

Blorenge, Sugar Loaf, black mountains

blorenge, abergavenny, ysgyryd fawr

As we turned to head back over the main summit the weather started to turn with dark brooding clouds threatening the rain that was to continue for most of the rest of the winter. It gave some atmospheric shots before we dropped back down to the lake and car. I’ve never seen TJS look so relived to get into the car. 🙂



And then the rains came…….


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  1. We’ve always trained our doggies to sit in bothy bags with us – a really good idea when it’s either pelting it down or freezing at lunchtime!


  2. I enjoyed making to walk with You thru Your really gorgeous photos.


  3. Less than 100ft of climbing? Cracking views? A good path? Why haven’t I been introduced to this route on one of my visits?
    Looks marvelous.



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