Home in the Mountains – The Mas at Mas Can Galan, Pyrenees Orientale   10 comments

A photo post of our life of leisure at our home from home in the foothills of the Pyrenees. We returned to same the same superb property as last year although this time in “The Mas” rather than the Ville D’Olive

Montferrer, Mas Can Galan

View from the terrace

Montferrer Can Galan

Pool Fun 1

Both properties are linked together and both superbly laid out and appointed. The Mas has a much bigger pool though and a hammock so it just about wins the family vote although not by much

Montferrer Can Galan

The Mas and the Ville D’Olive

We spend the majority of our days in the simple pleasures of eating, swimming, sunbathing and relaxing, proper detox for a busy executive 🙂

Montferrer Can Galan

Pool Fun 2

Montferrer Can Galan

Might as well JUMP!

The views across the mountains are just superb especially in the early morning and evening.

Montferrer Can Galan

Sunset over Spain

The local village of Montferrer is a 10 minute walk away. It’s a peaceful, charming little village with a small, friendly cafe that provides the daily bread and pastry supplies, and overlooked by a ruined castle on the hill

Montferrer Can Galan


Montferrer Can Galan

Chateau de Montferrer

No finer feeling than sitting in the warm sun with a book (or a gadget magazine in my case) looking over the mountains. It’s a rare find this place with such a wonderful house with a stunning pool and garden and amazing views. I could live here


Feet Up

Montferrer Can Galan

View from the Hammock

Montferrer Can Galan

More Pool Views

Montferrer Can Galan

More Pool fun

Montferrer Can Galan

…and Relax!

Montferrer Can Galan

Midday View

Montferrer Can Galan

Evening view

Eating is a serious business when in France. Freshly baked croissants and bread in the morning, salads and cold meats at lunchtime, BBQ in the evening

Montferrer Can Galan

Breakfast in the Conservatory

Montferrer Can Galan

Act your age!

A fabulous couple of weeks with some day trips to follow in later posts. Some more photos in the slide-show below


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10 responses to “Home in the Mountains – The Mas at Mas Can Galan, Pyrenees Orientale

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  1. Well, I have to say, I can’t see what you see in the place myself…..sun, pool, hammock, mountains, warmth, French bread, Nutella on tap, crepes, bilberry jam, wouldn’t be for me…….. 🙂


  2. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it!
    Sunshine, views, pool, French nosh, mountains…….looks like hell on earth!


  3. Ah…sigh…that sunshine! The pool reminded me of our Italy holiday last year…small hotel up in the Umbrian hills…terrace pool away from the actual hotel building with stunning views…nobody else there…now I’m depressed. 😦 We were lucky though…we didn’t have giant sharks in our pool!


  4. What a beautiful place for a vacation!


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