Help from my fellow bloggers needed!   12 comments

Need some help folks!

Looks like Akismet, WordPress spam filter seems for some reason to have identified my comments as spam. None of my recent comments on other WordPress blogs are appearing and one kind reader has told me my comment turned up in his spam folder. I’ve tried to contact Akismet to tell them to put back me on the real person list but I’ve no idea if this will work. I have however read that if my comments are marked as not spam that Akismet will “learn” and automatically treat my comments as genuine again.

I will keep commenting on everyone’s blogs so I would really appreciate if any of you could check your spam folders and mark my comments as not spam and hopefully things will return to normal. I’d be gutted if wasn’t able to add my voice anymore, it would probably stop me from continuing with my own blog

If anyone else has hit this problem and solved it I’d like to know

Thanks everyone



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12 responses to “Help from my fellow bloggers needed!

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  1. Hi Andy, your comments seem to come through to my blog ok. You can always do a test one and i’ll see if it ends up in my spam folder.


    • Thanks James, Only had the problem since last night. I’ve just put a comment up on your Moelwyns backpack report from a couple of years back (just been up there myself). It’s not appeared so if you could check your spam area and mark it as genuine and hopefully it will appear and it may start to correct the problem – finger crossed 🙂


  2. Hi Andy, nothing in my spam folder.


  3. I tried! But I seem to have cocked up somehow, which would be par for the course at present. If you try again, I’ll strive for a semblance of competency. Good luck!


  4. Hi Andy, don’t know if you’ve commented in the last couple of days, but there’s nothing in my spam folder!


    • I used a comment on your latest post as test to help Akismet sort things out – I’ll let you know how I get on but I still can’t comment on any blogs other than James’s


  5. In addition to akismet I also use wp-optimise which mops up the spam akismet misses. Sometimes I get up to 100 spam comments a day and it’s not practical to go through each one. Do you include a link within each comment? That may be why you get spammed.


  6. Thanks David, I rarely put links in my comments and all the one’s in the last few days have been just simple text replies


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