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Those nice people at Berghaus have sent me a jacket to review. When I was in my formative outdoor years back in the 80’s Berghaus were one of THE names in the outdoor gear world. Since then they have slipped from the radar a little and been overtaken by the new breed of suppliers and retailers in an increasingly competitive market dominated by online sales. In recent years they seem to be making a comeback so I was keen to give some of their gear a go to see how it performs

They provided me with a Mens Carrock GORE-TEX Jacket, size large in a fetching green colour. The first thing I noticed is the weight, considerably lighter than my current jacket which is an obvious advantage. It has a hood that can be folded away and a range of pockets both outside and inside, all roomy enough to hold the usual gloves, small cameras and the like. The inside pocket could probably accommodate a map if it was folded. It also has underarm vent zips, a feature I’m very much in favour of and something lacking from my current jacket. The interior has a mesh liner that I assume is to protect the Goretex from wear. All the usual standard features I’d expect in an outdoor jacket.

Berghaus Carrock Jacket

So how does it perform in action. Most of my gear is large size and this fitted well, neither too baggy or snug and could easily fit over multiple layers in cold conditions. It was cut high enough to be comfortable but low enough so it’s kept snug under the hip belt. It kept out the wind and had a range of drawcords to make sure it keeps out the worst of the elements.It doesn’t have a wired hood which is essential in my book as I hate having a hood flapping about and impacting my vision

Berghaus Carrock Jacket

Was it waterproof? I took it out in a howling wind and rain on the sea front in Aberystwyth and took a real soaking with no water ingress. Was it breathable? Seems to be but I’m always sceptical on the claims of any breathable fabric in so much as they are all breathable to a degree (more than neoprene anyway!) but never quite the miracle of dryness they claim to be. In this instance having worn the jacket several times I’ve not noticed any major damp patches although the lack of warm weather to work up a sweat hasn’t really given it a tough test.

Berghaus Carrock Jacket

My main concern would be its long-term durability. It’s light weight gives it a slightly flimsy feel so I’d be concerned as to how it would stand up to a full blast of winter conditions and the general rough and tumble of being stuffed in sacks, scraped on rocks, poles, axes and the like. The inner mesh lining looks tailor-made to get caught up and torn, especially by a clumsy oaf like me. However only time will tell on that score. I would however say that some of these concerns are as a result of trying to compromise on weight.

So in summary I’m quite pleased with the jacket. I like the light weight, the fit and armpit vents, I don’t like the flimsy feel and the lack of the wired hood. Would I buy the jacket as a 4/5 season full on winter jacket for all conditions – no, but then again at its price point (£160.00 RRP) I doubt that’s its market. Would I buy it as a 3 season jacket – yes. That light weight is a real winner for me and the durability issues are less of a concern and it fulfills its major purpose, it keeps you dry. It will now become my 3 season waterproof jacket and a real bonus when backpacking and keeping the weight down. I will certainly use it through next winter and see how it performs.

If you want to take a look at the specs and view the Mens Waterproof Jackets range from Berghaus visit:


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  1. Some good, manly poses there Andy.

    Wonder why you and Geoff both got given green jackets? They do have other colours, I’ve looked…….. Not that there’s anything wrong with green mind……


    • You’re so nice 🙂
      I think you can see from these photos why you don’t see many photos of me on the blog. I have a face for radio! Nice jacket though, quite impressed


  2. A free goretex coat and you’re still scowling! Until the weather turns foul that is and you’re grinning like a swivel-eyed loon. There’s nowt so queer as folk.
    Have you found a use for the arm pocket yet? Actually, I’m looking at the photos and wondering whether yours has an arm pocket?


    • I have a reputation for being a miserable sod at work so I thought I’d keep it for the weekend. I was smiling for the very nice young lady who took the photo
      Mine doesn’t have the arm pocket. As I say probably a ski pass pocket although I wouldn’t take this one skiing


      • Hi, why would you not take this coat skiing? I have just bought one to replace a failed waterproof and plan to take it skiing. Its my first time skiing and only going for 3 days so cannot afford a ski jacket. Would be layering up with a mid weight down jacket under the waterproof.



        • Hi Toby
          Jacket is perfectly windproof so fine from that extent. It’s just skiing is a pretty aggressive activity and I’m not sure if the jacket is up to the wear and tear as it’s quite lightweight and thin, although for 3 days it should be fine. Enjoy you’re skiing trip 🙂


  3. Hello,

    What can you say about this jacket after a long time? Is it as delicate as it seemed to be? Is it still waterproof?

    I’d be glad to hear from you as soon as possible, after my trip to Scotland last year I realised how good it is to have a reliable jacket…



    • Its pretty good actually. Waterproof and still looks as good as new. Admittedly I don’t use it all that often and in winter I revert to my heavier duty Rab jacket. A lot would depend on how much you can get it for. Its RRP at the time was not much less than my Rab jacket. If the prices were similar I’d go Rab but taking price out of the equation its a pretty decent jacket


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