Garway Hill   15 comments

A few photos from a local walk a few weeks back

Garway Hill

Jones family on Garway Hill

Garway Hill, Sugar Loaf

Sugar Loaf from Garway Hill

Garway Hill is a fairly prominent little eminence in the south Herefordshire countryside.


Despite the fact I’ve lived down the road for over 10 years, I’ve never really explored it up until this year. This is mainly due to the fact that there is limited parking near the top and the lower slopes are heavily farmed and the access paths tend to be mostly muddy fields which is not my idea of happy walking.

Garway Hill, Forest of Dean

Forest of Dean from Garway Hill

Garway Hill

Garway Hill

A trip up here just after Xmas revealed a handy small car park just near to the open common land and now its a firm favourite for a short family walk.

Garway Hill

Garway Hill

Garway Hill

Approaching the final summit pitch

The paths are broad, wide and grassy and the views from the summit are excellent. A full 360 degree panorama from the Shropshire Hills to the north, Malverns to the east, Forest of Dean to the south and Black Mountains to the west. There had been a recent fall of snow but there was no trace of it save a rather pathetic and dirty snowman sitting on the Trig Pillar.

Garway Hill


Garway Hill

North towards Shropshire

The summit is home to a large herd of semi-wild ponies and some sheep that were grazing in harmony at the far end. The kids enjoyed the stroll and I enjoyed the easy paced strolling as opposed to my more rigorous walks I’m used to.

Garway Hill


Garway Hill, Black Mountains

Black Mountains from Garway Hill

Garway Hill

Heading for home

Sometimes it’s nice just to take it easy


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  1. Love that you can see Shropshire from your end?! Looks like a perfectly adequate Sunday stroll. You need a couple of dogs and a van though ^_^


  2. It’s great to have favourite local wanders that you can get out on without any fuss!


  3. Looks like a nice stroll. I’m not keen on crossing muddy fields either, esp when it’s farmers fields and access isn’t too clear!


    • Hi Ruth, welcome to my little blog world 🙂
      This is a great hill high up and perfect for a lazy day or just to get the kids away from the TV!
      I’ll check out your blog and add links to yours from here


  4. Thank you, really enjoyed reading some of your reports yesterday, lots of my sort of walks 🙂


  5. Looks like another cracking walk in your neck of the woods. Is this a bit closer to home than some of your other regulars? Fabulous blue skies as ever. If it rains again in May there’ll be a stewards inquiry.


    • The forecast for May Week is warm and sunny, I asked EWO…..

      Very short walk, but very open and expansive and about 20 minutes away from home, I’ll take you lot up there if you’re good


  6. Your photos are so interesting to me to see. I love that Snow Man photo!


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