Winding down for Xmas – A short stroll on Hergest Ridge   8 comments

A few photos and musical compilation from a little walk with my parents before Xmas.

Hergest Ridge

Hergest Ridge

We’d invited them down for a quiet couple of days prior to the Xmas madness and despite some pretty awful weather we got a slight window on the Sunday and headed out for some fresh air. After some flood related detours we finally made it to Kington

Hergest Ridge

3 generations of the Jones Family

Hergest Ridge

My parents

Hergest Ridge near Kington is perfect for a stroll with the old folks. You can drive high up and the walk is grassy and easy angled but with a nice feeling of climbing to the top of something with pretty good views.

Hergest Ridge

Stormy skies

The weather was much better than the previous few days onslaught of rain although it was pretty windy. We caught sight of the floods in the Wye Valley and passed the usual milestones of the Monkey Puzzle Trees, the Whetstone and the small tarn on the summit.

Hergest Ridge, Monkey Puzzle Trees

Monkey Puzzle Trees on the summit

Hergest Ridge

The Summit Tarn

I’ve walked up here many times so you can look at of my alternative posts, here and here.

Hergest Ridge

Heading Home

Suitably refreshed and re-invigorated we headed home for a hearty meal and lay the groundwork for the Xmas festivities.


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8 responses to “Winding down for Xmas – A short stroll on Hergest Ridge

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  1. Nice you managed to get out in that weather window, looked like a very pleasant wander. I rather like the look of that summit tarn too – somewhere you could go for a quick night out, or too close to habitation?


    • It’s a very short walk to the top from the car so nice for an easy stroll. If you camped out late and headed off early it’s a lovely place for an overnight although you might have to share with the wild horses that live up there!


  2. I’m always amazed by the deep green in most of your photos – beautiful! The stand of monkey puzzle trees look interesting and so out of place on the otherwise barren summit.


    • Have to admit to using a setting on my camera called “vivid” which does heighten the colours a bit although the UK is pretty green at the moment after 7 months of rain – hasn’t really stopped since June!


  3. Nice to see your Mum and Dad looking well. I see your Dad is a tad bow-legged and has a slope-shouldered stance which I’m sure I recognise from somewhere….?



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