Short and Sweet – Black Darren Jaunt   9 comments

A little postette and a few photos from a short walk I did with TBF and D a couple of weeks back.

Cats Back, Black Hill

Cats Back & Black Hill

L was off at the Pantomime (Oh yes she was!) so we took a quick dash to the nearest high level walk I know. I’ve posted about this walk before so you can read about it here.

Black Darren

The death of Autumn

Safe to say it’s a short, sharp and sweet stroll – or in this case very cold and windy stroll – up on to the eastern-most ridge of the Black Mountains, along Offa’s Dyke for a mile or so and then back down through an old landslip area to the car.

Black Darren

Snow shower

Sugar Loaf, Black Mountains

Sugar Loaf & Black Mountains

I’ve done this walk many times. It’s ideal for a short time span, an after work walk or a short weather window. You get a great reward of views for very little effort and the scenery amongst the wreckage of the landslip is fascinating. We were forced to wait out a snow shower in the car before we set off and although it was darker and gloomier than the forecast there were enough shafts of sunlight playing on the fields and hills to make splendid views.

Black Darren

Black Darren & views across Herefordshire

Cats Back, Black Hill

Shafts of Sunlight

It’s great that D is a real mountain man now and seems to appreciate the mountains even in the less than perfect conditions. I’m taking great pleasure from his ever-increasing confidence and appreciation of the mountain environment and sharing my passion for the outdoors with him. TBF enjoys it too of course>

Black Darren

End of the day

Enjoy the Photos and the Slide show

9 responses to “Short and Sweet – Black Darren Jaunt

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  1. Looks good.
    D will soon be taller than TBF. I would be laughing, but it occurs to me that, in the blink of an eye, he may be taller than you and I too.
    Ooh – haven’t listened to James Hunter for a while – nice reminder. Radio 4 had a programme about the Zombies’ album ‘Odyssey and Oracle’ (which I know you have) today- very interesting.


    • A fine local walk. Being taller than TBF is not much of an acheivement although L is also catching her up fast. Someone at work pointed out in a passing remark that I was not exactly in the tall bracket, prompting a regular barrage of height related jokes aimed in my direction – repeating the same jokes over and over again – very tedious 🙂

      Never listened to the Zombies since I downloaded it, I’ll have to correct that


  2. Love the shafts of sunlight photo!


  3. Now I especially like the field patterns in the shot that shows the view across Herefordshire 🙂


  4. Lovely post full with great photos. My favorite is the third one from the top.


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