Twistin’ by the Pool – Ville D’Olive   6 comments

The majority of our holiday in France is spent lounging by the pool.


And Relax!


More than enough inflatables

Whilst I enjoy our many days out, adventures and trips the kids in particular are in love with the simple pleasures of playing in the water and being able to just jump in the pool whenever they like.


Ride the whale!


No fish in here

We purchased a range of pool inflatables for them play with and this was how they passed their days.


Forward roll….


….and backward roll

TBF is a good swimmer and exercises off the vast quantities of food we eat on hols with numerous lengths. Me? A few lengths and some childish play with the kids, lounging on the inflatables and playing pool golf (pitching velcro covered balls onto a floating “green”)




….and again!

For all of us it’s the core of the holiday and our best shared memories, the highest quality family time together.


You spin me right round!


World Mixed Doubles Champions

Can’t think of a better way to relax, unwind, detox and, well, just play. Even adults are allowed to have fun you know

Hope the video and the tune bring a smile and encourage you to have a little fun once in a while 🙂


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6 responses to “Twistin’ by the Pool – Ville D’Olive

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  1. Great fun – didn’t even get my cozy on once this summer!

    And I can’t remember the last time I played around with an inflatable…………..


  2. Hello Shiny Happy Sherpa.
    No pool golf photos?



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