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Whilst on our regular summer trips to the Lleyn Peninsula and North Wales, we’ve played on the beach, walked the hills and visited the local sites. One thing we haven’t done is walk the coast. With the Welsh coast path now official we’ve corrected that and while on this years trip between the family we explored a good part of the local coastline near Towyn. It doesn’t possess the drama of the SW tip of the peninsula or of the Pembrokeshire or Cornish/Devon coast but it does have its own charming spots and views to the isolated hills that dominate the centre and Northern reaches.


Porth Dinllaen

While I was back at work BF and D took a walk along the coast from Nefyn back to the campsite while everyone else went to the circus for one of the kid’s birthday treats. It’s one of those to file under “doesn’t look all that far on the map” but as they inevitably found out with coastal walking it’s always further than you think. With its constant ups and downs, ins and outs, bays and peninsulas, it took them hours to complete the walk and D in particular was on his last legs by the time he got back. Their reward was some stunning views of the coast and surrounding hills on this little walked section of coast on a lovely warm summer evening.


D walks the coast above Porth Dinllaen

As always Carn Fadryn caught the eye.


Morfa Nefyn and Carn Fadryn

I was a more than a little jealous when I saw the photos, much better than the circus (I hate clowns, something spooky about them and they aren’t even remotely funny)


Along the coast to The Rivals

As the week progresses our friends start to head back home and on the second Saturday afternoon, ED and his brood bid us a fond farewell and we were left on our own. Whenever we have one of our get togethers it’s always leaves me feeling a little down and flat once everyone else has gone home. It’s particularly so at Towyn as having everyone there is what the holiday is about and when it’s just us left it simply doesn’t feel right. Even though it was a pleasant afternoon part of me just wanted to go home. The kids felt the same way too. When we asked them if they wanted to go to the beach they declined. From their perspective being on the beach at Towyn was something they did with their friends. Even though they will normally play quite happily on their own on any beach it’s just not something they do at Towyn.

So we decided to take a little evening stroll on the coast.


The Rivals from Porth Dinllaen

There is a small headland at Porth Dinllaen near Morfa Nefyn that has always looked intriguing so we parked up at the golf course and wandered across the fairways to the small collection of houses on the beach.


Porth Dinllaen and the Ty Coch Inn

There is in fact a pub there and what a splendid little spot it was. There was a blues band warming up for gig and a happy atmosphere of people sitting on the beach having a drink.  The band was pretty good to and I cursed the fact I hadn’t bothered to bring any money with me otherwise I’d have settled down for a couple of pints (I’d have probably still been there now!).


Boats and Pubs

The setting here is perfect. A calm bay with boats bobbing about and the Rivals where we’d walked earlier in the week as a dramatic backdrop. I can’t belive I’ve been visiting this area for 7 years and never having been down here, I’ll be correcting that error in the coming years.


Across the bay

Despite the temptation to linger on the beach and try to beg, steal or borrow money for pint we decided to walk around the headland. There is an enchanting path that meanders along the waterline around to the lifeboat station and coastguard lookout point on the tip of the headland. With intermittent sunshine and dark brooding clouds the views were just magnificent looking back to the houses at Porth Dinllaen and across the Rivals.


The Rivals from the headland

On the return section we were even treated to rainbow to really set the seal on the views. The band was in full flow as we went past with a real low key party atmosphere and I cursed again at my lack forethought. It was warm and sheltered enough to have sat on the beach until dark but we had to return. I’ll be hoping the band returns next year so I can enjoy the place to the full.


Somewhere over the rainbow


The sun sets on a fine holiday

It turned out to be our last action of the holiday save a short visit to my parents at their caravan on the way home. Another memorable week in this most under-valued part of our coastline. I hope it stays that way. It’s a gem that doesn’t need the trappings of tourism and I hope to be coming here for many summers to come.


4 responses to “New Treasures – Lleyn Peninsula Coastal Walks

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  1. Looks very fine. D looked completely tatered after that walk.
    Next year, we clearly need to take an early look at that pub to check out what’s on through the week.


    • It’s a really cracking spot. Be a great place to spend the evening, take a picnic down accompanied by a nice cold beer and some tunes. The headland itself is nice as well although most of it is golf course


  2. You should never go anywhere without money – and I totally agree about clowns…
    Spent many a holiday on the Lleyn Peninsula as a child – principally splitting our time between Abersoch, Nefyn and Llanbedrog. I could start singing that ‘memories’ song again 🙂


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