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Just a brief little postette of a walk that any regular readers of mine will know well now. The ridge of the Cats Back up to Black Hill doubles as the best and narrowest ridge in the Black Mountains and also the closest point of access to the hills to my home. I’ve been up here numerous times since I relocated to Herefordshire in 2002 and you can read about a summer trip last year and new year visit earlier this year for the full details.


This trip was a quick jaunt on a day of heavy showers with just me Jane and D while L was away on a Brownie trip to Warwick Castle. Jane is a supply teacher and has been taking a topic on the mountain environment at a local school for the last couple of terms. Part of this was a day trip to said mountain environment and I suggested the Cats Back and Black Hill as you start high and it’s a very easy walk to reach a significant point.


This walk doubled as nice afternoon in the fresh air and as a reconnaissance mission for Jane’s trip. She took a whole class up here a couple of days later and they absolutely loved it despite some wet weather. I guess many kids don’t ever get to experience the mountains (some were apparently rather poorly equipped :)) so it must have been a real sense of proper adventure for them, something us outdoor aficionados can often take a little for granted. While we were out there was another gaggle of kids making the walk so Jane got to see first hand what dragging a bunch of kids up a hill was going to be like


Anyway, safe to say we had a fine little stroll and we avoided getting wet and the sun even peeped out a couple of times. Just a couple of photos and a slideshow courtesy of Flickr to prove it


15 responses to “Cats Back once again

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  1. No music?!!! Was looking forward to seeing what you’d chosen!
    Lovely looking ridge, especially on a sunny day. Didn’t know your Jane was a supply teacher like me. I made the decision to go on supply about 3 years ago now and don’t regret it one bit! For example, I didn’t work today and so had plenty of time to sort all my gear out after the weekend…


    • Sorry – only took a few photos so not worth the effort to go into the editing studio :). There will be plenty more musical slideshows from my summer adventures to come (off to N Wales again this weekend and back to the South of France in August). It’s a great local walk and I never tire of it, narrow ridges are a premium down this way

      Jane has been a supply teacher for a few years now but the work has really dried up in the last 12 months with the cutbacks – she’s been lucky to have a regular 1/2 a day week but other than that very little. She really enjoys it so it’s a shame she can’t do a bit more


      • Work was a bit sparse round here last year too, but since going back after my ankle injury it’s gone manic – I’m getting something nearly every day now. More work than I actually want in fact – turned some down this morning as I’m already booked out for the other 4 days this week. I am on the border of 2 authorities though – Derbyshire and Tameside – so can access work in both of them.


        • Jane was only ever after a few days a week so all the really regular supply teachers who work all the time get most of what work is left. Problem with living in such a cash strapped rural authority


  2. I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again – that looks like a cracking walk. I think Jane is very brave taking snot-nosed shoe-lace challenged kids up real hills. And her class were probably hard work too! (Ah-ha – did you see what I did there?)


    • Yes, very funny, laughing on the inside 🙂

      I did take you a short way up here a few years back but after hiding behind a rock in gale-force wind we baled out


  3. The views from that ridge are magic, lots of rolling green. I have teachers to thank for getting me into walking, so that’s fab getting them enthused!


    • It’s normally that green at this time of year – it’s been raining apparantly 🙂

      Hats of to Jane for introducing the kids to something more than just on a computer screen


  4. Pretty good or a local hill Andy. Looking rather green as well is has to be said, perhaps something to do with the small amount of rain we have had this year!


    • Excellent little route although quite popular. There is a top notch little wild camping pitch just along from the trig pillar that I need to try some day.

      Has it been raining? Can’t say I’ve noticed 🙂


  5. This has me confused – it has just appeared in my Google Reader – a bit late!.
    Anyway this is one spur I haven’t walked despite the lure of a trig point, probably because it doesn’t fit in well with long backpacking routes. It looks a grand approach.


    • Well worth the wait I hope 🙂

      Well worth a walk and as per my comment to James there is a fine little wild pitch tucked just off the path about 500m beyond the trig point. I’m lookingforward to trying it out after work sometime for a swift overnight


  6. I saw your link on Bucket List Publications and have added a link to your site on mine, too. Hope you stop by for a visit:


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