Another Look – Aberedw Common and Rocks   8 comments

A brief catch-up post from a couple of weeks back. I had grand plans to get the kids out walking some of the smaller hills I’ve discovered and picnics in the sunshine. The never ending monsoon that is our current summer has put paid to that. We decided to head out to Aberedw where I’d taken in a decent walk a few weeks back. I’d found a lovely quiet picnic spot by the river so we headed there first for a spot of lunch.


Picnic lunch

The weather was as it has been of late, sunshine and heavy showers, but we got lucky and had some nice bright weather while we ate and drank our lunchtime cuppa. It would be a splendid place to relax and play in the stream but the river was far too high to go anywhere near the water so we contented ourselves with a play on the grass and a bit of fun trying to keep the sheep out of the back of the car.


Aberedw valley

After lunch I took everyone for stroll up across Aberedw Common. It’s a very pleasent stroll along green paths, past farm ruins, small tarns and low edges.


Jane & L leaving the ruins behind

Ideal for the kids, not too much uphill and lots ofd splendid views across to the mid-Wales hills and south to the Brecons and the Black Mountains.


Across to the Brecons and Black Mountains

Another to add to the “great places for a warm summer stroll and relax” if we ever get a summer. We were able to wander at a leisurely pace and talk, nice and laid back.


Jane, L and Aberedw Hill

All over a little quickly but when the weather is so wretched you don’t want to push your luck and get caught out with a soaking. Satisfied with our little excursion and some fresh air we headed home.

Today’s little witicism to make you scratch your head over

“I went to a general store, but they wouldn’t let me buy anything specific”

Not enough photos to do a full musical ensemble so just a little Flickr slideshow today


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8 responses to “Another Look – Aberedw Common and Rocks

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  1. Where did the witicism come from? !


  2. Its from Steven Wright, my favourite comedian, I’ve put a few of his classics on my blog recently, look him up on YouTube, he’s an acquired taste but I just love that surreal deadpan dellivery


  3. I can second that – I think they need his delivery, but he’s hilarious.


  4. I’m gonna be mooching around this area on Fri, Sat and Sun Andy. If your around, give me a shout!


    • Sorry, I’m up in North Wales playing the dutiful dad with the kids by the beach this weekend. Be great to meet up for a walk though some time though. Let me know next time you’re down this way (or up in north wales) and I’ll get a pass stamped. Look forward to the write up, loads more to explore up that way for me and it’s on my doorstep. Have a great weekend, hope the weather holds


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