At home with our friends from the North – Goodrich and Coppet Hill   8 comments

For the second half of the half-term week we provided a full-board accommodation package to old mate Mark from Beating the Bounds and his family. I’d made great plans for some summer picnics in the hills, climb a few of my favourite local mountains and some kiddie play in the garden with a BBQ and drinks. What passes for a British summer put pay to that and the day they arrived was wet and miserable and the forecast for the rest of the week didn’t look much better.

Alternative plans were required. We are lucky that the borders and Marches where we live has some cracking historic buildings and the Wye Valley some pleasant strolls in the rolling hills and by the river. Perfect for the kids and when the weather is mixed. The first day out we decided on Goodrich Castle and a walk up the nearby eminence of Coppet Hill if the weather stayed fine. Things didn’t look good as we headed off with dark skies followed by a hefty rain shower. Our luck seemed to be in though and by the time we parked up it had stopped and there was some semblance of brightness so we hit the castle immediately.

I’m sure you were expecting a number of photos and one of my slideshow masterpieces. However like the ageing senile numpty that I am, I forgot the camera and had to take a few shots with my phone and they are pretty poor. So, I’m going to cheat big-time here and just drop in a couple of photos from said phone and say that Goodrich Castle is a superb and interesting place backed up by one of the best audio guides I’ve ever used, detailed and informative that helps create just the right atmosphere as you wander through the site.


Entrance from the Barbican


Courtyard and Keep


View from the Moat

I could add more but Mark has made a much better and more interesting write-up so I suggest you pop over and read his version here with added advantage of a photo of me and subsequent comments to thoroughly humiliate me and both my attire and my rather embarrassing pose.


Main View of the castle

It started to rain just as we headed back for lunch and we waited out a massive downpour in the castle shop with my natural tight-fistedness holding sway over the kids demands to spend their inheritance early. We enjoyed a high quality picnic outside the shop where the sun came out in a surprisingly extravagant manner.


Picnic in the sun

We chanced that the showers would hold off for the afternoon and took in the short-walk up Coppet Hill. It’s a ridge enclosed by a huge meander of the Wye and has expansive views over the surrounding area and across to the Black Mountains. It was a cracking walk in warm sunshine but more cheating here. Mark’s account is again much more interesting and informative or for an alternative viewpoint you can read about my stroll up here with the family back in April. Hey, I’ve been busy at work and I’m tired, so you’ll just have to deal with my laziness.

Anyway, in the end a pretty decent day, the weather was kind to us, and Mark and his family got to see some of the best of the gentler side of my manor. Would our weather luck hold for another day. Tune in to the next blog post to find out……..


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8 responses to “At home with our friends from the North – Goodrich and Coppet Hill

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  1. Just flicked over to have a look at Mark’s like you suggested (I missed it originally with being away), and you do seem to have a bit of a private smile on your face in that photo…


  2. Nice photo of the vast, ruinous, decrepit heap
    And the castle almost visible behind’s not too bad either. I think you’ve had your revenge already.
    I’d just like to point out that it was Alan who mentioned the pocket billiards, not me.
    Finally, the accommodation was *****, and so was the company. Thanks again.


    • I barely noticed you were in the photo 🙂
      D is next on the list for some blog-based fun-poking. At least I don’t wear an adult sized baby-gro. Sory to leave you with that somewhat disturbing mental image.


  3. I see WordPress censors the naughty words in Mark’s comments…
    A five letter word, eh?


  4. Shame that it looks like Mark was on the phone whilst visiting the castle. Some people eh?



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