Nether Wasdale Gathering – Day 2 and 3 Wast Water Wandering   4 comments

After the Pillar day out I felt obliged to spend some quality time with kids and friends in the campsite – or more correctly the weather looked crap and I couldn’t be bothered with a long walk. The campsite is a great place to spend some quiet time. It’s not crowded, the facilities are excellent and the views across the fields to Buckbarrow in particular are majestic. There are a few photos below of the kids at play, the campsite and the moon on the first night to give a flavour as my “rest day” was less than photogenic (for the moment – that would change).


L swings in the moonlight



TYG, HMB and GM went for a fell run and for a time the weather looked pretty awful and it even sleeted at campsite level. We let the kids play (they don’t seem to notice the poor weather) and we chatted over several brews.

After lunch the weather looked a little brighter so we agreed that some kids would walk to Wast Water (they all seemed keen to see it) while the rest would set off later, drive there and walk back, collecting the cars later. Inspired move.


ED gazing at Wast Water

As the afternoon moved on the sun came out, first fleetingly and then in full bloom by the time we reached the lake shore.


Classic Wasdale

I’ve never stopped at this particular spot before and whilst it’s a little crowded the situation and views are superb and the kids have rocks to climb on and a stream to play in. Rather than head back the adults sunned themselves on the rocks while the kids played. This is what childcare is about.


Simple pleasures


Lazy pleasures

It was still a couple of miles back to the campsite and there was tea to be cooked so most of us headed back.


Walking the lake shore

The walk along the lake shore was cracking with the classic views across to the Wasdale screes and up the valley towards Great Gable and Kirk Fell. The walk was enhanced by watching some scuba divers emerge from the dark but exceptionally clear water.


More classic Wasdale


S poses for the camera

As you leave the lake behind there are a choice of routes across the fields back to the campsite all enchanting in their own way. I’m not sure whether it’s just been the clarity of the light in the last couple of years or the time of year but the fields seem to be the greenest I’ve ever seen. I haven’t touched up these photos so hopefully you can see what I mean.


Green green grass

We passed goats, pigs, small tarns and green lanes before you emerge onto the wide open fields above the campsite with stupendous views right across Wasdale. Buckbarrow is the one that catches my eye and from both below and on it (we climbed it last year) it’s one of my favourite Lakeland summits.



We headed back to the campsite to cook tea and enjoy the now cloudless but ever cooling evening that delivered another frosty cold night.


Chapel Stile campsite


Evening sunshine

The final day was windy and threatening and it seemed a race against time to get my huge family tent taken down before it got wet. A race we won I’m pleased to say. A few of us decided to go for a short walk across the fields before the long drive home but the threat of heavy rain was always in the air so we headed back after an hour, said our fond farewells and headed home.


Wasdale mud

Another cracking weekend with our little posse and the weather was pretty kind to us in the end. In fact the worst of the weather was while I was unpacking the car when I got home – a right soaking

I’ll leave this weekend with my musical ensemble and for no better reason than he’s my favourite comedian here is the first of several dead-pan one liners that will be decorating my blog from the weird and wonderful Steven Wright:

“Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.”


“I bought some batteries… but they weren’t included… so I had to buy them again…”

4 responses to “Nether Wasdale Gathering – Day 2 and 3 Wast Water Wandering

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  1. The kids are already excited about their next camping trip. Must remember to show them your video, they’ll like it. Nice tune btw.


    • I can show the videos on the TV while you’re down – I can bore you for hours with them in fact. I don’t about the kids being excited – I am. Having to glam it up in a Premier Inn over the weekend!


  2. Isn’t camping just the best when the weather looks like that?
    One of my favourite OCMS tracks as well 🙂


    • Don’t think my missus would agree. It was pretty cold and she likes the warmth. Doesn’t bother me – as long as the sun is out whatever time of year I’m happy. We were very lucky that we got such a decent spell after the monsoon season.

      OCMS was your recommendation and I love that track. Been waiting for a slideshow of the right feel and length to use it. You’ll almost certainly see more of their stuff cropping up on my slideshows


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