The Unfogettable Fire – Rum, Easter 2012 Part 3   10 comments

A brief little postette. On our final evening we decided to head down to the goat latrine that is the small square path of grass down by the beach and have ourselves a little bonfire.


Playing with fire


View south from the beach

We thought about moving the tent down here but as our stuff was dry and we are a couple of lazy gits we decided not to bother. There was already a fire pit with a collection of wood plus a lifetimes supply on the beach so with a judicious input of firelighters and meths we soon had a roaring blaze going.


"Needs more wood"


Can you feel the warmth?

Must be encoded in our DNA strands but I’m yet to meet a bloke who doesn’t love playing with fire in one form or another be it a beach fire, a BBQ or in EDs case setting fire to someone’s newspaper while they are still reading it!


Dying embers

No better way to finish off the day than messing about on the beach picking up driftwood and then sitting in front of the fire while it burns down and watching the stars appear. I was as happy as a pig (or goat more appropriately) in muck and was even able to dry out my socks and boots a bit so they were ready for a fresh supply of water the next day.


Warm dry feet for the first time in 2 days


This is real living

Wood doesn’t burn for long so once we’d burnt of what we’d collected and completely incinerated our rubbish we headed back up to the tent for the usual late warming brew to prepare for the walk out the next day.


Sunset over the mausoleum

Lovely final evening at Harris Bay celebrated with a little video of the event – I’ve edited out my attempt to sing for the sake of everyone who appreciates good music


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10 responses to “The Unfogettable Fire – Rum, Easter 2012 Part 3

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  1. I often wonder how many pallets there are floating in the sea at any given time, they get washed up everywhere. My highlight of Rum was sitting in exactly the same spot warming my knees on a roaring drift wood fire.

    Just a shame the area has such a ‘goaty’ aroma!


    • It was the highlight of the trip for me as well. There was a choice of pallets on the beach! Kind of got used to the goat smell after a while and we probably would have preferred to camp here rather than up by the raised beach as this was more sheltered and nearer the water supply although the views from our site were superb

      I take it like me, you are sitting at home watching it rain ceaselessly, not a day to be out in the hills 😦


  2. There’s something about a campfire isn’t there? Looked wonderful.
    I don’t know about sitting watching the rain today, I just looked out the front window and saw our garden fence being blown to a rather jaunty 45 degree angle…a quick call to my neighbour and we’ve managed a temporary repair between us.
    I also keep getting texts off our mate who’s on the ferry coming home with Geoff – Geoff’s retreated to his cabin again feeling decidedly sick and they’re currently sailing through a force 9 gale with some gusts up to force 10. Not due to dock until 19:30h either…The joys of holidays!


    • Campfire by a deserted bay – life doesn’t get better than that.

      I don’t envy Geoff and the Bay of Biscay in this. I’m not a particularly good sailor either. I remember crossing it on a schools cruise when I was a kid and leaving my lunch behind….


  3. It’s not just blokes. Leaving aside my youthful arson-related hi-jinks (he asked for it, that’s all I’m going to say), TBH is the pyromaniac in our family. I suspect that all Chemistry teachers are pyros. She and the the kids quite often decide to ‘burn stuff’ in the garden.
    But you’re right – you can’t beat a good beach fire. The ones we used to have on the caravan weekends, or the couple we’ve had more recently at Porth Towyn spring to mind. I also remember sleeping next to a fire which you and I pain-stakingly lit, but I shan’t say where, else we’ll have people up in arms. Perhaps this year we should make a more concerted effort to gather a decent amount of driftwood? (S is already getting very excited about Tudweiliog btw, its a frequent topic of conversation at the moment. “And we will go to the beach every day?” he keeps asking.)
    BBQ at the weekend?


  4. Towyn doesn’t have much driftwood alas the last couple of years but I love a beach fire so I’m well keen to get a good one going when we are there. I remember that fire as well, just matches and a few tufts of grass and a fire was born

    Planning on a BBQ at the weekend – campsite lady says its been dry up that way, been pishing down for 3 weeks down here, floods and the like


  5. Glad to see the hearth is still there. That’s a cracking fire. Given that the weather wasn’t kind, I’m glad to see that you enjoyed the environs of your camp site.
    You’ve got to stop these life-threatening/serious-injury-inducing descents though, Andy. Descending in the general direction of the Bealach an Fhuarain from Ainshval in the wet with a serious clag-on is a totally alarming thing to do. In the wet, the felsite capping the rock on Ainshval, Sgurr nan Goibhrean and Sgurr nan Gillean is as slippery as an eel in a bucket of swarfega! There’s also a very nasty buttress that’s hard enough to climb, but only takes a second to descend – if you get my meaning. In dry conditions, with good visibility, climbing Ainshval from the bealach is a doddle, but you know that…
    The best camping breakfast of all is bacon, Andy. Take a packet or two of smoked back bacon, some spreadable butter in a wee tupperware thingumy and a good long-life bread (Burgen is good and tolerates being squidged into an over-stuffed backpack) – and Robert’s your mother’s brother! It may take a bit more space, it may weigh a wee bit more, but a couple of bacon sarnies over blinking Granola? Now that you’ve survived two attempts on your life by that cruel and nasty Isle of Rum, you should treat yourself on your next trip… Glad you’re still with us.


    • Hi Pete. Harris Bay was a magical spot and I loved it there. One of the best camps I’ve ever done. We were pretty lucky we got some decent weather windows in what was a pretty unsettled weekend. I just loved getting that fire going and sitting there watching it burn and looking out over the ocean was magical. I happily go back and just spend a few days plonking about the coast and sitting by the fire, who needs to scare the crap out of themselves…

      Alarming was indeed the word. It was the combination of route finding and the slipperiness of the rock (and the memories from before) that really did for us. On their own we could have handled those but combined made it a real challenge but we walked away as the old phrase goes. Me and GM seem to be developing a habit of getting into trouble but they are all part of life’s something or other

      I bet a few rashers of bacon and some bread wouldn’t be much more weight than that bag of evil I scratched my way through. I think it’s time to bear the weight of a decent breakfast in future. My granola days are over, bring on the cured pig fat


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