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I remember the halcyon days of the autumn. Nokia told me they no longer wanted my services so I downed tools and devoted some much-needed time to getting outdoors, blogging about it and reading other people’s tales. Now I’m having to work properly for a living I don’t get out as often as I’d like and when I do I struggle to find the time to write-up my blog and read everyone elses. I have 3 or 4 draft posts I need to get out and I have nearly 100 unread posts in my Google reader.

Me and D went out and finally climbed Pen y Fan for the first time (for D anyway) last weekend



I’ve bought some new gear which I need to review. A JetBoil stove which I’ve already tested and is top drawer and a new Rab waterproof jacket (or whatever the 21st century term is) which I haven’t used in anger yet. Reviews to follow.


And I’ve just realised I’ve passed my blog first birthday without any celebration

And top it off I’m off to the Southern Highlands of Scotland for a long weekend tomorrow so with some luck another 3 days on the hills which of course will be added to my backblog (see what I did there)

So lots of work to do when I get back and hopefully some stories to tell

Have a great weekend one and all


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8 responses to “Not enough time….

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  1. Looked like a nice day on Pen y Fan.
    Work can get in the way, can’t it?! For most of us though it’s a necessary occupation to bring some money in….
    and when I’m having a bad day at work, I just keep reminding myself that it’s paying for the next trip! (Never mind food, etc)
    Anyway, have a great time in Scotland – look forward to hearing about it when you’ve got the time!


  2. life does get in the way of the things we love to do .. have a great time in scottie land


  3. Happy blog day!


  4. Lovely pics of Pen-y-fan, Mr Jones; where were you in the Southern Highlands? Are you still heading to Rum or Jura in the spring?


    • Mr Edwards – long-time no hear 🙂

      More pictures and write up of my Pen-y-Fan day out later this evening (if I can be ar*ed). I was up near Crianlarich/Killin last weekend – our annual jolly boys outing to the hills. Post and photies to follow

      Most of my mates have bailed out of an Easter trip for some truly pathetic reasons so we’re postponing Jura til next Easter when we can get a group together and get a private boat transfer to make best use of the coastal walk and take in the paps as well. Still keen to get to Rum though this year. I think I mentioned the previous trip which went slightly awry when my mate broke his hand and we had to get helicoptered off. Unfinished business


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