Back from the Alps   10 comments

Back from my skiing trip to the Swiss Alps. Had an “awesome” time. Full write up of my adventures to follow once I’ve edited the vast amounts of video I took with my HD Headcam but while I get around to it here are a few photos and a little video clip to get you in the mood.


Champagne Powder


Cloud Inversion with Mont Blanc behind


View from the apartment balcony


GM and Mont Blanc


Mont Blanc from Mont Fort


Grand Combin


Valais Alps from Mont Fort

Bet you can’t wait – but just be patient 🙂

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10 responses to “Back from the Alps

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  1. Ah, been skiing then. You should have mentioned it – I’d have been glued to the european weather reports every night had I known. Looks pish – busy piste, no views to speak of, rotten company – all round I’m glad I spent the week at work! Bah….
    Has Uncle Fester lost his pound coin?


    • He doesn’t keep the pound coin up there any more – if he offers you change, I’d decline – politely.

      Good trip although Switzerland is astonishingly expensive – £13 for burger and chips!

      You’d have hated it


  2. looking good
    was becoming mesmerized by the video… needs a spot of Ski Sunday music though 😀


  3. Now skiing’s something I’ve never done – but I’ve always had a vague hankering after having a go…


    • I’m a bit of an adreneline junkie hence my love of downhill skiing (and surf kayaking) but I would always prefer ski-touring in the British Mountains. Nothing beats skiing on untrodden snow in the wilds of a Scottish glen. If you ever get an opportunity it’s a great way to travel the hills.

      Don’t do as much as I used to what with living down south and there never seeming to be any snow. Got a weekend in the Southern Highlands in a few weeks time so fingers crossed we get some snow


  4. Is this finally where I get to use the word ‘Gnarly’?


  5. Oh, I’m right jealous of you!! It looks like you had superb weather and the views look fantastic. I’ve never visited the Swiss Alps in winter (the nearest has been in late May!), but even though I don’t do downhill skiing, I must go in winter some day.


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