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There you go – kick off the post with a little fact-ette. One of the few words that does.

Me a D had set off for a little jaunt up Ysgyryd Fawr but the car park was full so I thought we’d go somewhere different and Blorenge fitted the bill

It’s a fairly massive looking – well – mass that overlooks Abergavenney from the south. We’d been for a walk up here several years ago but never been back so time to correct that. It has the advantage that you can drive pretty much to the summit and as we’d set off late that suited us just fine. We parked next to the large transmitter on the summit and while it is kind of an eyesore it did make an interesting foreground to the low winter light.


Technology meets nature

It looks like they have created a number of trails around the area and there were several really interesting looking longer routes. You are on the northern end of the Welsh valleys so the area is rich in industrial heritage and old workings so a wander around these parts armed with a decent guide would make a grand day out. Today however we were just out for a stroll to top across to the edge overlooking the Usk valley and back to the car.


Towards the Forest of Dean

The path to the summit is pretty boggy but the views are pretty impressive in the winter light.


D & Blorenge Summit


Summit rocks

It was mild but very windy so we didn’t hang about much and soon felt the need to wander to the edge and take in the view. And what a view it is.


Abergavenny and Ysgyryd Fawr


Sugar Loaf and Black Mountains

Suddenly the ground drops away and you are perched above the valley seemingly able to jump into Abergavenney with Ysgyryd Fawr standing proud behind. I took some video and a few photos before we slipped and slithered along the edge path to the small hut on the edge that was unsurprisingly full of beer cans (why anyone would want to sit in the shack is beyond me – it’s seriously manky).


D looks out and beyond

The edge is sculpted into a series of small hummocks – no idea what they are, natural or old industrial remnants, quite fetching and would make a nice picnic site on a warm summers day.


D poses on the hummocks


The bumps and the grotty hut

We headed back across to the road and the car and it was clear D was a little out of shape having not done much walking lately. He’s also been laid up with a gastric virus in the week which he kindly shared with me, taking me out of action the following weekend. Bit of slog back up the road but the views were still enchanting.


Sunset Transmission

A fine afternoon for father and son on a fascinating little summit


Well that’s all folks for a week or so. I’m off skiing to Verbier in the Swiss Alps tomorrow for a week. Watch out for some skiing footage when I get back – TTFN


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10 responses to “Blorenge – rhymes with orange

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  1. In the interests of reportage I can’t help thinking you ought to be taking up Parascending. This edge looks made for it (to my not very expert eye!).

    Nick Drake – top stuff, I didn’t know you were a fan. (Yes, you probably wouldn’t think I was a fan either. I’ve mellowed; you can’t listen to ‘smash the state music’ when you are, according to your friends ‘middle-aged’.)

    Enjoy the skiing. I’m not jealous. No really. Verbier..pah! I don’t even like skiing. Not remotely jealous…

    Have a gluhwein for me.


  2. One of the videos on Youtube you come across when you look at mine is a guy parascending from the edge. Jumping of a cliff attached to a duvet cover – I don’t think so!

    You can rest assure that at some point of the trip will be heard the phrase “So what do you think Mark? Oh, of course he’s not here” You will be sorely missed though. Who will get the lunchtime low alcohol beers in

    Row 3, column 7


  3. You do seem to have lots of good local wanders near you! Have to admit that I don’t know Nick Drake, but he sounds like someone worth investigating.
    Are you going skiing then? Have a good time!


    • Yes I was and now have been skiing! Had a fantastic time so expect some posts and skiing video action to come when I get round to editing all of it.

      I only came across Nick Drake when looking for a music track with “Black Mountain” in it but the album is pretty good. Goes well with the walk photos


  4. This is an area I,ve only driven though.Looks nice though.Hope there,s plenty of snow in the swiss Alps.The french resorts were bare early on in the season.


    • There are some cracking walks in the Abergavenny area and this is one of the lesser known ones – a great family walk as there is very little climbing. There was plenty of snow fortunately.

      It didn’t start snowing in the Alps until xmas but it hasn’t stopped since – we had lots of deep powder to play in


  5. Looks like a very pleasant top with extensive views, another one we’ve never visited. Ysgyryd Fawr is another, I gather that one is very popular then.


    • It’s a little gem, more poular with dog walkers and the like as it’s so close to the road but the view from the edge is stupendous. I reckon I can fashion a pretty decent half day walk to explore some of the old mine workings in the vicinity.

      Ysgyryd Fawr is very popular but it’s a cracker. I’ve walked it a few times as an evening stroll on the way home from work when it’s quieter. I posted my last visit below if want to take a look:


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