Sugar Loaf – Winter Re-visit   7 comments

The Sugar Loaf, just outside Abergavenny is a favourite of mine for many reasons. It stands out on its own so the views are expansive, the walking is easy and trouble-free and you can park high up for a short day. I last went up here in the summer for one of my after work jaunts so I won’t put the full route description in here just a few photos, flickr slide show and some recollections

Over New Year we had Jane’s sister (S) and GM down for a few days. They’ve been down for the last couple of years and it’s become a bit of regular event. Lots of playing Wii games with the kids, eating and drinking and we really look forward to the visit now. We also like to get out and do some walking as well but the weather over the weekend was pretty ordinary so we had to take what we could get. On New Years Eve we decided to try to get everyone out including the kids so the Sugar Loaf for the reasons above seemed a good choice.

Sugar Loaf - 4.4 miles, 1,000 feet of ascent

The weather didn’t look too promising but as you can see from the photos it wasn’t too bad.


Sugar Loaf from the Car Park

L was not happy to be out but with some regular encouragement and snacks we actually managed to get her to the top. We took the main path to the summit and it was as busy as I’ve ever seen it. Lots of people out taking some fresh air before the hedonistic celebrations to follow.


Striding up the main path (L dithering out of shot!)


L & GM Brecons looming behind

The summit was really windy but we managed to find a sheltered spot. On the way down Jane decided to take L straight back down while me, GM, S and D walked down the fine West ridge, one of the Sugar Loafs best and little walked as most people just head up and down the quick route.


GM on the summit

We managed some half decent views across to the south-western fringes of the Black Mountains where me and Jane had walked in September. It seemed a little strange to think that it was only 3 months before we’d sat on those hills in baking hot sunshine in T-shirts and shorts.


Looking under the blanket of cloud to the Usk Valley


Table Mountain and Pen Cerrig Calch

We managed to meet up at the car and headed home for what I’d like to pretend was a wild night of new year celebration. In truth it was a much lower key but nonetheless splendid evening with a roast dinner, champagne and seeing in the New Year watching Jools Hollands Hootenanny with the usual selection of new music for me and GM to download


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7 responses to “Sugar Loaf – Winter Re-visit

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  1. I always think it’s nice to have a few favourite walks that you do again and again, and see in all different seasons and conditions.
    L brought to mind our Abi when she was much younger…on some occasions Abi would walk uphill so slowly it felt like you were going backwards!


    • I’ve often said to Jane that you need time-lapse photography to work out if L is moving on some of our walks.

      You’ll see some more of my favourites appear on the blog throughout the year, especially the shorter ones I save up for a walk on the way home from work in Bristol. I’ve probably been up the Sugar Loaf a dozen times now and it never fails impress


  2. some beautiful light in some of these shots.
    My eldest daughter has completely gone off walking now as well. A proper teenager, she’s only interested in her mobile phone, facebook and boys (gaaah!)


    • They could be sisters – L started with the teenager attitude when she was about 3!

      I think the light effects came from the fact that we were just under the cloud but the sun was low in the sky it was lighting the underside of the low cloud – or something like that!


  3. We spent a wonderful summer holiday just down the road from there a few years ago.
    Sugarloaf was my nightly run, up and back before dinner.
    Be good if I could run up the bloody stars at the moment…Cough Wheeze, Whine!

    Great area, even our kids liked walking then.
    Give em a few years and they will be back into it.
    Well, if Olly isn’t playing professional Rugby!


  4. That was UP the Stairs, not Up the stars!

    Up the Stars! Now that would impress!!!!


    • Thanks Andy – I was wondering what you meant there!

      I don’t do running, reason A – I have bad knees, reason B I hate it 🙂

      Sugar Loaf is an excellent mini-mountain and another regular on my rounds, The big hill opposite is also pretty good, post coming later tonight if I find time. I think D is committed but unless I paint the hills pink and take a portable DVD player with me I can’t see L going for it in a big way – bless her!


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