Hergest Ridge – Compare and Contrast   14 comments

A brief little post-ette. I posted a few weeks before xmas about a little stroll up one of our local hills, Hergest Ridge near Kington. It was a thoroughly dreary day and we spent the whole time enveloped in cold claggy mist with only the Monkey Puzzle trees and a few fungi to highlight the day.

We made a return trip in the xmas break and this time the weather was a little kinder albeit windier and colder. For those of you interested in what it really looks like here are few choice photos and Flickr slide show to get into the Hergest vibe


Jane and kids on the way up


Winter trees


D approaches the Monkey Puzzle trees


Out of place trees


Looking to the Radnor Hills

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14 responses to “Hergest Ridge – Compare and Contrast

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  1. some great moody photo,s whats the secret to getting the kids out walking… 😉


    • Bribery and threats 🙂

      D my eldest has always been pretty keen but L is a proper girl and has never really taken to walking – she takes some convincing and she was especially unhappy to be forced out a few times over xmas


      • my daughter is much the same if it doesnt include a key board it isnt cool…my eldest went on a DofE a few months ago…and could hardly walk when he got back…secretly I smiled inside 😉


        • Toughen ’em up that’s what I say 🙂

          I’m always treading the fine line between trying to instill some appreciation and enjoyment of the outdoors without pushing it too hard and putting them off forever. I have high hopes that D will really take it up but L is another matter altogether


      • It’s an odd one this isn’t it – we have one who’s really keen, one who blows hot and cold and one who, at present at least, generally isn’t interested (although he does enjoy a walk if you can entice, or bully, him out).


  2. These views look very, very familiar – we must have walked this ridge with you at some point. I see what you mean about the Monkey Puzzle Trees they really look out of place don’t they.


    • I don’t think I’ve taken you up here but it’s a really nice spot and you can fashion some pretty decent longer days. We use it as a quick 1 hour to and from the top. I guess those trees must hark from the upper reaches of the South American rainforest in the Andean foothills hence they can survive up here. Never seen them anywhere else on the hills. There is even an old “racecourse” marked on the map circling the summit


  3. I loved Hergest Ridge – It was on my LEJOG back in 2007. Not a big hill but glorious views and springy turf. The post office in Gladestry was a little gem – with a wonderful post-mistress who made me some sandwiches.


    • Never realised that Alan. I really must take a look through your LEJOG stuff some time. My son D loves the idea of long distance paths and walks. When I tell him about your epic and the fact that you walked over one of our local favourites he’ll be well impressed.

      I’m a bit of fan of hills like Hergest with those bright green grassy paths, can’t put my finger on why but as you say its probably that light springy feel they give and the colour. I need to get out and explore the knot of hills to the west of Gladestry, looks very inviting on the map but I know nothing about them


      • I think D, like our A, is already sold on walking isn’t he? A is desperate to have a crack at a multi day walk – we have plans for the summer.


        • Be good if we could do a little easy backpacking with the kids. I have a couple of places a shortish walk from the car in mid-Wales near where my parents caravan is. Been talking to Hard Man about organising something as his two are keen as well


  4. A and B are very keen – I’m a bit concerned about carrying three lots of kit! Keep me posted.



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