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Since my last couple of days out to Froggatt and Long Churn I’ve been laid up with a bad cold. Combined with some household domestic activities like having new upstairs carpets put in and moving furniture around, that’s meant I haven’t been able to get out. In turn that means for the first time since I started my blog I don’t have anything to blog about!

Me and the family are off for a long weekend on Friday to Ninebanks youth hostel near Alston, meeting up with our usual crew of old University friends and kids. I should be able to get a couple of decent walks in on the wild moors up there. The weather is looking pretty wild up there as well, so I’m looking forward to some wintry conditions and plenty of snow.

I always like to brighten up my posts with some photos, so in the absence of anything else here’s a few of my day out to the City of Manchester Stadium to watch my club thrash Norwich 5-1


GM jumps for joy at thought of a day of beer, football and curry


Approaching the stadium


Sunset over the first half action


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  1. Nice stadium photo,s couple of my mates in work go the city games, being a Liverpool supporter myself think it calls for a bit of RIVALry


  2. Funnily enough I’ve been a bit curtailed this week with a nasty coldy/chesty/coughy thing, too. Bet you have a great time at Alston – we love it up in Northumberland, it’s so wild and quiet. Cross Fell’s an obvious thing to do if you get the chance isn’t it?
    Although we haven’t used any for some years now, we used to regularly use Youth Hostels. Private rooms, great food, packed lunches, meeting people, not expensive and the dogs could always sleep in the car!
    Have a great time, snow looks like it might be on it’s way for a couple of days at least…


    • We’re actually renting out the whole hostel as there are about 20 of us including kids. No warden so basically it becomes a very large self catering cottage. We went last year and there was some great sledging in the field outside the hostel. Looking forward to a bit walking and catching up with friends. The kids just love having the run of the place as well. Cross Fell is a drive to get to but there are some great wild and lonely moors behind the hostel. We went up there last year in the depth of the pre-xmas cold spell and didn’t see a soul


  3. Have you got used to City winning on a regular basis yet?
    After years in the doldrums it must be quite Exhilarating!


    • It’s a weird experience. There is still a part of me waiting for us to mess things up in some catastrophic way. I’m hoping the FA Cup win was the turning point. The old City would have found a way to lose that match (and never got anywhere near it in the first place!) but now there is palpable sense of certainty in the games. Be interesting how we respond to our first league defeat


  4. wait till after xmas when Fergie starts his mind games. Then the pressure is on. Really hope city take the title this year though. And Balotelli is turning out to be quite the player


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