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The Jones family tend to get out and about a lot in the summer so naturally my activities outpaced my ability to keep up with the blog. Consequently I was WAY behind on my blog by the time I returned from summer holidays and I’ve spent every waking moment – well not EVERY one – trying to catch up and now I’ve done it. Surfnslide is now fully up to date. God knows if I’d ever have caught up if my employer hadn’t relieved me of most of my duties so be thankful for small mercies.

Mind you I’m sneaking off for a long weekend with a couple of pals tomorrow. Stopping off for a day out on the eastern edges of the Peak District tomorrow followed by a day’s caving with GM on Friday, watch Man City at home (and a Rusholme curry) on Saturday and a day in the Lakes on Sunday. Lots more blogging to catch up next weekend then. Mind you it’s nearly 11pm, I haven’t packed yet and it’s pishing with rain. B*llocks

I know you’ll all suffer without a dose of my ramblings and photos so here’s a few photos from a couple of family rambles to Merbach Hill and around Longtown. I’ve blogged these before so just click the links if you want some background to both


Hatterall Hill from Longtown


North towards Cats Back ridge


Cats Back ridge


Clodock Church


By the Monnow river


Storm clouds over Merbach Hill


Jane and D trying not to look cold

Till next week………….


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10 responses to “Up to date at last

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  1. Well done sir! I was briefly up to date there too. Enjoy your (long) weekend.


  2. great photo,s love the church piccie..:-)


    • Thanks Maenamor – We have a similarly lovely church in our own village. I must get around to taking some pictures and getting them up on the blog. Clodock church is one of my favourite local spots though


  3. I’m up to date…and have now run out of things to post…any spare? 😉 This means I’ll have to go outside and do something…and it seems to be permanently wet up here 😦 . Have a good trip!


    Where the Fatdog Walks
    • Well having been out for a nice afternoon in the Peak yesterday I’m now behind again. Perhaps you should review my photos and write the blog for me based on your own interpretation – I’m sure yours would be funnier than mine. Be an interesting twist on the usual blog write ups. In fact we could take a surreal step further by you writing about my walk without having seen the photos at all – now that would be interesting 🙂


      • This is going to sound odd…and yet another coinsidence for me but…Simon and I talked about me writing up on of his trips from photos and notes! I suspect it probably will happen sometime – we’re trying different scenarios just now to see what works best. 😀

        Bigger question is…can you afford my fees Andy? 😉


        Where the Fatdog Walks
  4. congrats on getting up to date! I don’t think I’ll ever get there myself… have quite a few posts in my drafts folder that I cant seem to get around to completing – 😦


    • It took some effort but I made it although I’ll have more to do when I get back next week. I have a load of drafts as well, mostly gear and tech reviews and a couple of rants but I was saving those for when I run out of outdoor stuff. When I started I never thought I’d find writing my blog this engrossing but I have to admit I really enjoy both writing my own and reading all the others I come across.


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