Hergest Ridge – Fungus-Mongous   4 comments

The dreary weather over the past week continued into the weekend. By the Sunday the kids needed airing so we headed out to Hergest Ridge near Kington. We’ve been up there several times as it’s an easy walk and you can drive pretty close to the top.


Easy gradient to the top

The forecast said it was supposed to brighten up in the afternoon but no such luck. It really was a day that just sums up November for me. Dreary, grey and miserable – bit like me I suppose. 🙂


Identifying gorse

The kids seemed to be enjoying it though and we had some enjoyment poking about with the plethora of mushrooms and toadstools that have sprouted in the damp weather. This one ED had already helped me identify as a Hygorcybe strangulata (Orangeroter saftling)


Hygorcybe strangulata (Orangeroter saftling)


Hygorcybe strangulata (Orangeroter saftling)

Not so sure about this one


A fungus!

The summit area is crowned with an oddly out-of-place group of South American Monkey Puzzle trees. Interesting (?) fact for you, the wood (parana pine) was used to make window boards before the advent of MDF. I used to work for a builders merchant in my youth!


Monkey Puzzle trees

There is also an old glacial erratic boulder on the top called The Whetstone. Legend has it that it walks down to the bottom of the hill every night for a drink – sounds like the kind of thing I make up to wind the kids up


Not thirsty yet

I tried to convince everyone that it would be a top idea to go the trig point on the summit. They weren’t convinced and to be honest neither was I. After a quick paddle in the muddy pool on the top we headed home for a cuppa and Sunday roast


Enough excitement already!

A trip later in the year revealed slightly more in the way of scenery and views


4 responses to “Hergest Ridge – Fungus-Mongous

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  1. That’s more like it!
    Enough of these blue skies and gorgeous views, you were only making me feel jealous. Very character building for the kids too. Is J’s coat still beading?


    • My luck has changed. Had a day out in the Brecons this week as well and the weather was pants, although I did go out with Jane yesterday and had a pretty good day. At home today and it’s glorious!

      Janes coat is still beading nicely – I may have to buy one myself


  2. When you mentioned Hergest Ridge I thought we were in for a bit of Mike Oldfield. Oops – showing my age now. For those far too young to remember Hergest Ridge was Oldfield’s second album after Tubular Bells. Eh? They all say. 😦

    Ye cannae beat a summit with monkey puzzle trees though.


    Where the Fatdog Walks
    • I never knew Mike Oldfield named one of his albums after the aforementioned place – it’s only about 20 miles from my house. I know where to go for tune if I ever put together one of my musical slideshows – wasn’t really photograph weather last Sunday as you can tell.

      It really is slightly bizarre to see those tropical trees looming out of the mist – god knows who planted them there


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