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As you may know from my Childhood Revisited post, my parents now have a caravan by the sea at Clarach Bay on the Welsh coast. Just like me when I was young, my own kids now have the chance to spend extra weekends and holiday time by the coast.


D pithers on the beach

We now have a regular holiday there during the October half term week (when I say we, I mean Jane and the kids, I only have enough holiday to go for the weekends). Caravans can be a trifle chilly this time of year but once the you get it warmed up it’s pretty cosy and snug. The kids just love staying in a caravan, something really exciting about it that I remember fondly myself.


Fun in the van


Constitution Hill and Aberystwyth


L practises her writing

When we have our main family beach holidays everything is a bit manic as we tend to stay all day which means packing picnics and a whole heap of beach paraphernalia. When we are at Clarach, it’s all a bit more relaxed as the beach is only a few minutes walk away.


L pottering

We tend to get up late, have a leisurely breakfast and then just pop out before and after lunch for a potter on the beach, a walk along the cliffs or a short drive into Aberystwyth for a stroll (or cycle) along the promenade.


Aberystwyth & Cliff Railway


Beach Sunset


D & L on the pier, Aberystwyth

Mind you, the planner in me has already had the maps out and there are plenty of local places to explore. You’ll see some of these in later posts with walks around the Pen Dinas Hill and the Nant-y-Moch reservoir and the Hafod Estate. There are other numerous short walks in the local hills and along the coast and some stunning beaches to explore. Of course for yours truly there are endless possibilities for proper mountain days. I’ve already taken a stroll up Plynlimon and there are limitless other possibility in the wild and beautiful Cambrian mountains. Cadair Idris, the Arans, The Rhinogs and the main Snowdonia mountains are all within a 1.5 hour drive

One of my usual musical slide shows below with some family type stuff. Detailed posts of some of the days out mentioned above to follow


7 responses to “October by the sea

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  1. How lovely for the children to experience this sort of outdoor holiday life. Having simply time to potter about and to play with natural materials is so important.


    • Sometimes the simple pleasures are the best. I always push my kids to enjoy the outdoor stuff. It’s the best education there is and breeds a respect for our natural heritage

      We don’t feel the self-imposed pressure to get out and do stuff when we’re down there. Leads to more quality family time, just a shame that it’s just too cold and damp to use the caravan through the winter months – have to wait until march now till we go back.


  2. ‘Simple pleasures are the best’ – too right. Are there complex ones? (They might have passed me by.) This all looks very fine. I’m looking forward to the Plynlimon post – never been up there. I’ve always assumed that it was very wild and very wet.
    I’m a bit behind with your slideshows – our computer is without sound at the moment – probably something has come unplugged. I’m saving the slideshows for such time as I feel brave enough to enter the tangled spaghetti mess behind the desk. (Or I manage to persuade TBH to do it – this is my favourite option, she is more patient with inanimate objects than me.) Then I can have a very pleasant time with a cup of tea and some catching up.


  3. Plynlimon is superb – I had it on top day though. I think you’ll enjoy the photos. Plenty of hills and valleys I want to explore up that way. Should get the post up tomorrow. I’m only 2 weeks behind now.

    When you finally fix the sound (take a look at the sound settings in the control panel to make sure everything looks ok before you fiddle with the wires) you can catch up on the slideshows on my YouTube page if you don’t want to trawl back through my posts – just click on “see all” and they are all listed. Most of mine are in HD so if you have enough bandwidth and want to watch them full-screen just up the resolution to 720p or 1080p and they should look better


    Hope fully off to the Brecons or the wild hills south of the Elan Valley tomorrow if the weather forecast holds true


  4. Most of our holidays as kids were in a caravan by the beach as well… totally loved it, even now I still like staying in a caravan.


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