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I can see the Black Mountains from my house and I can drive to the nearest access point in about 30 minutes. This is great for a quick dash out for a walk for me but the kids aren’t quite so enthusiastic about the high tops, especially in the colder weather. The area immediately surrounding my home village of Madley is very pleasant but not exactly inspiring for a stroll, consisting as it does of arable fields, often very muddy. For those times when we need to get out as a family for a couple of hours we have two favoured spots, Merbach Hill (one of my earliest posts of a walk there is here) and Ewyas Harold Common.

We had a stroll over there the day after my little jaunt up Waun Fach and this time the weather was warm and sunny.


View across to Garway Hill

We often come up here for a picnic in the summer as you can drive onto the grass on the highest part where the views are great and there is plenty of places to play and  a few wandering horses for good measure.

There are paths all over the place and whilst it’s impossible to get lost you tend to wander aimlessly about a bit as we did today. A lot of the paths look the same and you often end up in a “I didn’t realise we were here” moment.

It’s a splendid place for a gentle stroll with lots of open space and again it seems to be little known and always quiet, just a few souls out walking dogs is all we normally see.


Open spaces

On this day it was warm enough for a long rest on one of the many benches so the kids could climb in the trees


Always ready for a snooze


Tree climbing

Hope you enjoy a few photos in the post.


Across to the Black Mountains

No musical slide show for this little jaunt but an embedded Flickr slide show instead (more for the purpose of me working out how to do it than anything else)


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  1. Looks very pleasant.
    Did you use the gigya shortcode? I find that a bit of a faff, so any tips you discover will be most welcome.


    • I did use the gigya shortcode and yes it’s a faff. There was another shortcut to an alternative method in Sheila’s post but I use Mozilla and it said it only works up to v3.0 (I’m on V8.0) so I stuck with this way. One of these days I’ll have to teach myself some basic HTML!


  2. Oh – I thought that by pasting in the shortcode I was being all speccy and quite probably teccy and using some basic HTML? Wrong again? I tried that vodpod thing (I didn’t realise that it’s incompatible with Firefox) and spent a good half an hour being totally perplexed. Livewriter can’t handle the shortcode at all so I now publish posts scheduled for the following day and then edit them and add the slideshows. Easy. Possibly.


    • I just copied the shortcode into the HTML edit post page in WordPress, added the ID and username into the right places and added the right height and width to make it full size and it worked a treat. Now I know how to do it I reckon I can add a slideshow in a couple of minutes. What’s the advantage of using Livewriter. I always use the WordPress dashboard to write my posts


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