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Before you get the wrong idea this is not quite what the title may have you thinking. This is a genuine walking-related post so please refrain from double-entendres and a descent into 1960’s carry-on humour in a Kenneth Williams lilt.

It is in fact an honest description of a weekend we’ve done for a few years now amongst a small band of friends from the 1980’s university years. Most of us have kids and while we love ’em to bits they can hold you back from a decent walk. So we decided it would be a good idea to let them spend some quality time with the grandparents while we live it up in a hotel in the Lakes, a fair sacrifice for us grown-ups to make.

This year we tried out the Travellers Rest Inn just outside Grasmere and a mighty fine place it was with Jennings beer and quality food. We had a couple of great evenings catching up, winding each other up and telling the same old stories we told last year, and the year before etc etc.

We’ve had some pretty good weather on the last couple of these trips. Payback time. The Saturday morning was thoroughly miserable.


You can almost feel the enthusiasm

We walked up to Alcock Tarn and down to Rydal. I’m sure it’s a charming place on a sunny day but it was horrid on this day, damp, drizzly and cold.



Once we got down to Rydal myself and GM decided we’d had enough of such nonsense. If we were going to get wet we may as well have some fun so we headed off for a spot of Ghyll Scrambling at Launchy Ghyll near Thirlmere. More of this in a later post. The rest of the group carried on taking in various small summits and tea-shops and had a pleasant day as the weather cleared. ED has a full ost of the day here

The Sunday promised a much better day and there were shafts of sunlight as we scoffed another plate of fried pork products and chicken embryos. Helm Crag and Steel Fell dominate the view so a route around Greendale taking both in seemed appropriate.


Steel Fell from the pub

The stepping-stones across the stream seemed tailor-made for someone to come a cropper but despite my best “mind over matter” suggestions no-one fell in. Some people are all self, self, self.


No sense of occasion some people

The climb up the SE ridge was a steady plod with some decent views and a whole host of caterpillars. I’ll leave the nature stuff to ED so check out his post over at his blog.


Steel Fell SE ridge


Helm Crag

One of the usual long stops on the summit to admire the views and eat more food, having comfortably burnt off the greasy excesses of breakfast on the punishing 450m climb.


Steel Fell Summit

The view to the north was especially fine


Skiddaw, Blencathra, Thirlmere

From there it’s a cracking high level traverse past many un-named tarns and knolls around Greendale towards Helm Crag. Just right for a stroll when your with a large group of friends and the constant chatter


Greenup Edge


Calf Crag (ish), Helvellyn behind

Helm Crag is top mountain with the prominent rocks of the Lion and Lamb.


Helm Crag

The Lion is a tricky scramble but it was too windy for me to bother with. As we started down the steep slopes back to the car it started to rain but it couldn’t dampen what was again a really great weekend.


Looking back to the Lion from the Lamb


Grasmere from Helm Crag

After a day of 2,600 feet of ascent and 8 miles, a swift scampi in the basket (why a basket??) at the pub before heading home for a re-union with the kids was in order.

Same time next year folks

5 responses to “Adults only weekend

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  1. Enjoyed that! Ta.


  2. Looks like a great way to spend the weekend with mates on the hills.


    • Thanks James – It’s great to meet up and have a decent walk without the kids in tow but I do like a bit of solitude and a walk on my lonesome as well. Just done a cracking solo walk up Plynlimon on your recommendation – post to follow soon – still a few weeks behind


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