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When I was just a wee lad, my grandparents had a caravan at Clarach Bay on the Cardigan Bay coast in mid-Wales. I spent huge chunks of my childhood holidays there and I got to know every part of the beach, every cave, the best places to go crabbing, best places to swim, best places for chestnuts and conkers in the woods. The caravan was only a few strides from the beach. I have some great memories and I was such a lucky lad to get to spend so much time there.

Sadly as my grandparents grew older they had to give up the caravan. Last year however my parents got their own slice of caravan heaven back at Clarach Bay so a new generation of the family are now enjoying the privilege of their own home by the sea that we can visit whenever we can. I’m really pleased that my mom and dad are really making use of it in their later years and spend weeks at a time down there. My dad in particular still hasn’t worked out that his retirement years are for relaxing and taking it easy. When he’s at home he’s always dashing about but down there he can truly relax – it’s a weight off the minds of all the family

So after our mammoth trip to France we needed a take it easy weekend to wind down so we joined my mom and dad for a quiet weekend there. We did nothing dramatic other than potter on the beach, dig around for crabs and had a happy time chucking stones at the riverbank to make it collapse.


Me ad D on Clarach Beach


Fun with Pebbles

Give me some beach pebbles and something to throw them at I’m like a pig in muck.


Taking it WAY too seriously - again!

We also took a walk along the coast towards Borth above the low cliffs, another of my favourites from years gone by.


View south across Cardigan Bay


View North towards Borth and southern Snowdonia

It was pretty windy while we were there so we took a trip into the nearby town of Aberystwyth to watch the waves.


Time your run!

They were huge although not bouncing against the sea walls and throwing spray over anyone dumb enough not to be paying attention. This was a favoured activity when I was a kid, hanging over the rails and then running like hell when a wave hit to avoid a soaking. They were fine times.


L and my Mom and Dad taking risks

Aberystwyth has a fine promenade and we walked from one end to the other and back watching the waves


L and Aberystwyth seafront

The kids had a fine time being chased up the beach by the waves


Running the waves

Afterwards me and D walked back to the caravan over Constitution Hill with its cliff railway. It’s a great route with some quality views back over the town and along the coast.


Aberystwyth from Constitution Hill


Clarach Bay from Constitution Hill

It’s always funny to think back on how these walks used to be so much longer and the cliffs so much higher when I was a kid. Walking to Aber (as we used to call it) was a major undertaking yet today we walked back in less than  an hour. On a clear day you can see Cadair Idris, Snowdon and the hills of the Lleyn Peninsula including the little Carn Fadryn that you may remember we climbed in the summer.

Jane and the kids are down there at the moment so expect more Clarach Bay posts coming soon. For now hope you enjoyed the photos and my childhood recollections


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  2. You forgot to mention: bottles of wine shared around a beach bonfire, swimming in the sea in October, a pocket-sized alsatian puppy, skinny dipping (just me that one perhaps) etc. Was that the same caravan? Did we go several times, or did we pack a great deal into just one weekend? Brings back very happy memories!


    • I think we went at least twice – my abiding memory was of Old Father Sheffield and his sporting prowess. Oh and trying to bake a potato in a bonfire wrapped in a Mr Kipling foil pie tray. Great days indeed. I might have to see if I can dig out the old photos, sure I’ve got some


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