French Odyssey Part 9 – Pools & Inflatables   2 comments

A few photos, videos clips and memories from our several days spent by the pool at our French holiday home. My waterproof Panasonic FT3 camera really came to the fore and I have to say I’m pretty pleased with the underwater work. Some great memories recorded for posterity


Drowning with style


Synchronised Jumping


Here there be monsters

Both L and D come on leaps and bounds with their swimming over the past 12 months. L in particular is a proper child of the water now


Water baby


Sets the new record.......


...... but easily beaten

A great time was had with the ample supply of inflatables on offer


Inflatable fun


Spot the Dragon

Even Jane joined in the fun


How sad!

For my part I became obsessed with Pool golf, a great idea where you pitch velcro covered balls onto a floating green


Taking it WAY too seriously

Much harder than it looks and keeps you cool when you have to jump back in and retrieve the balls


"Get in the hole!"

Jane was hopeless at it


"Get in the Pool!"

L also takes her dolls into the pool, I’ll leave it up to you to decide if they are joining in the fun or drowning


L, Jessie and Isabelle


Learn to swim the L way

The adults of course need some quality relaxation time





We spent the majority of our 2 weeks just lazing by the pool and having fun and I have some great family memories from those days that I’ll treasure forever. Sometimes the simplest days can be the best


D in his element


L in hers

Putting the video together helped me come across one of the greatest one-hit wonders of all time, the wonderful Barracudas! Bit family self-indulgent but some bits might bring a smile or an “aaah”




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2 responses to “French Odyssey Part 9 – Pools & Inflatables

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  1. Ba-ba-ra-ra-cu-cu-da-da!

    Oh – those kind of inflatables! Well – what with the Madley connection, I did wonder….
    Hmm….no real need to click on the link folks “Wacky-couple-share-their-bungalow-with-a-world-beating-collection-of-240-love-dolls” is pretty much the whole sorry tale – a taste of Andy’s neighbours down in Herefordshire.

    Pool golf – yes, it does look very sad. Is there a Wii version?


    • What a quality tune it was!

      Many thanks for confirming just what the rest of the world thinks about country-folk 🙂

      (I should point out to anyone who doesn’t know me that I’m an adopted country-person, Black Country born and bred. No weirdness there. Probably)

      I’m sure you have no problem in imagining just how seriously I took the golf!


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