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The coast is about 1.5 hours from our holiday home so we decided that as we spend a lot of our time on the beach on our UK holidays that we would make just the one day trip in France. The kids seemed happy with this as they had the pool to play in. The whole of coastline is studded with excellent beaches but our hosts recommended Cabasson the previous year so we returned this year. Most of the beaches are backed by towns but Cabasson is out in the countryside with a huge, pleasant (and rather expensive!) car park and picnic area behind it so it’s more natural and no problems with parking.

Like all beaches in the south of France it’s very crowded, especially as there is no tide so most beaches are pretty narrow. It’s a stunning bay though overlooked by the Fort de Bregancon, the summer residence of the French president no less.


Cabasson Beach and the Fort de Bregancon


Beach from the cliffs


Beach below the foothills

Last year they closed the road to the beach stopping us from getting there so old Sarkozy could drive in and out without us gawping at him and his missus. No such hassle this time and after waiting for someone to move we managed to secure some prime sea-front property on which to pitch our beach tent.


Jane and L and our beach property

It’s a rather nifty pop-up tent which is completely useless in the UK as it pops-down with a breath of wind which is a fairly common on British beaches. In the south of France it’s perfect, it has a heat reflective inner surface so it gives decent protection from the sun – just as well as it was roasting hot!

And so we spent a happy day playing in the waves, strolling on the beach, swimming and snorkelling.


Playing in the waves


Strolling on the beach


"Where did you bury the children?"


Underwater action

This was the first time the kids had snorkelled and they both loved it.


D enjoys the Med

There isn’t actually much to see in the Med as it so saline but there are loads of fish and the kids were enchanted. I used my underwater-capable camera to try to take some photos and videos but it was choppy and its hard to keep the camera still and focused under water while the waves are tossing you about. My best efforts are in the slide show below with few fish and a half decent photo of a jelly-fish.



If you have kids the beach is perfect as it’s shallow (no more than 2 feet deep for a good 100 yards) so you can just let them play without worrying about them getting into bother.


That large object at the back is me

We had a picnic lunch on the beach last year but trying to eat under the shade of the worlds smallest beach umbrella was an idea bordering on insanity. This year we did the sensible thing and ate in the restaurant behind the beach.


Making an important point

The views along the coast and out to the Isles D’Hyeres are great. I’ve visited the largest, Isle de Porquerolles (Porky-Roll island!) with Jane and it’s superb. I wanted to take the kids for a day out but they wanted my house in part-exchange for the 20 minute ferry crossing so I declined.


Porky Roll Island


Late afternoon sun

We finished the day with a stroll along the prom and a meal in the nearby town of Le Lavandou.


Le Lavandou sea-front

It’s by no stretch of the imagination a quintessential french town (mostly modern apartment blocks) but it is clean and tidy, the prom along by the beach is a nice stroll and there are some nice restaurants in the old part of town.


Le Lavandou sea-front

As the sun goes down the whole family enjoy the meal and walk in the warm evening air as the lights along the coast start to twinkle. I’m sure there are more authentic french seaside resorts but I like Le Lavandou and these evenings after the day on the beach


Evening light


Time to go home

Lovely end to a top day

2 responses to “French Odyssey Part 6 – Beaches & Fish

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  1. underwater pics are pretty cool, esp the jellyfish…


    • Need some more practice with the Snorkelling vids. Pretty tough to keep the camera still and focused in the waves. Probably better off with my HD headcam. Be fantastic to go back to the Maldives and take some snorkelling vids there


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