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As part of our yearly trips to Porth Towyn we always make a trip up the local mountain Carn Fadryn.

It’s visible from the campsite and is an eye-catching sight that just begs a walk (it’s on the left in the photo).


EWO, Van and Carn Fadryn from the campsite

Me and EWO discovered it a few years back and the views from the summit are simply superb. The Lyn Peninsula spreads out to the west with a full panorama from Holyhead Mountain through Snowdonia and across to the Rhinogs, Cadair Idris and even Pembrokeshire to the north, east and south.


The Rivals and Snowdonia from the summit


Snowdonia from the summit


The Rhinogs and Cardigan Bay from the summit

As if that wasn’t perfect enough you can drive halfway up and there is an easy path to summit through bracken, gorse and heather with expanses of bilberries near the summit. There is cornucopia of insects and flowers on the climb to a summit with plenty of rocks for scrambling. In short the perfect small hill for a family afternoon outing. We’ve been up every year since and the weather is always kind to us. There are plenty of other options in the area, including The Rivals just down the road but something always draws us back every year.

After our trip to the Nantlle ridge, this year was no exception. We talked about the other options and before we know it we’re parked up by the chapel in Garnfadryn and heading up the path.


Carn Fadryn from the start of the walk


The lower slopes

ED over on his post has some great photos of the wildlife. In particular the bushes and gorse on the lower slopes always have the spider web funnels you can look right into and see the monster within. This year while me, ED and EWO lingered to look at nature and chat the kids simply raced to the top and were already scoffing bilberries and scrambling on the rocks at the summit when we arrived.


Rogues gallery

As ever the adults settled down for a chill out and feed the masses while the kids played. It’s a truly magical spot. More bilberry scoffing on the way down completes a top-notch afternoon


Hand to mouth


Nature's banquet

Just like the trip to Porth Towyn, this small mountain (and it is a mountain even if it’s only just over a 1,000 feet high) is a part of my life. I can’t imagine a summer without my trip to the beach or walk up this hill. It’s one of those views that I could just look at forever and never tire of. There is always something new to see, a hill or feature you didn’t notice last time, an effect of the light on a particular spot that’s different from before. It’s a summit I’m always reluctant to leave

Just like the comparison with other holidays, I’ve been lucky enough to have climbed spectacular mountains in Scotland, the Alps, Corsica, Majorca and even Greece but Carn Fadryn is up there with the very best of them.


4 responses to “Small is beautiful

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  1. Amen to those sentiments. When I finally get round to writing my envisaged guide book “Small Hills With Disproportionatley Magnificient Views” Carn Fadryn will be top of the list. It may have to wait until I’ve finished (or, well…started) my other project “Rivers of the Lake District: Sea to Source”. They’re both on the back boiler – along with all of our other pipe-dreams and money-making schemes.


  2. “Blancmange – thinking outside the mould” – You heard it here first.


  3. That looks like a cracking little hill with some superb views, often all to easy to overlook the smaller hills.


    • It would also fits with your love of solitude James, been up 4/5 times now and only ever seen a couple of other people up there. Mind you I’d avoid it around the first weekend of the school holidays in July if you want it to yourself. You may have to share the summit with me, my kids, my mates, my mates kids etc etc 🙂


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