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As I mentioned in my Nether Wasdale post we have a few gatherings every year of all my old university friends and families. Every July (first weekend of the school holidays) we all meet up at a campsite we’ve discovered on the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales. It’s a large site and the facilities are quite simple but it’s a no fuss sort of place, very relaxed and the lady that runs it is really friendly and welcoming. Most people camp in a large field where there is plenty of room for games and for the kids to run about and there is always a nice relaxed friendly atmosphere.


The Jones family canvas home


Lunch in the sun


"The Next Generation"

However the best bit is the beach, a cracking sandy spread that’s just a 10 minute stroll across the site and fields.


Our own private cove


Where's the kitchen sink?

Whenever we go to the busier coastal areas you have to plan a day out with military precision; packed lunches, all the beach paraphernalia and timed so you get a space on the car park. Here we can just wander to and from the beach as we please and if your forget a much-loved bucket a sentimental spade or you’ve just brought the wrong-shaped biscuits you can just pop back and get them. For me not using the car is an absolute god-send and it’s a real chance to just chill out and relax. I’m extremely lucky that I’ve been to some stunning places but this particular weekend with my family and my friends in such an unassuming place is my favourite holiday place.

Needless to say the kids just adore the beach. It’s the perfect mix of clean sand for building castles and playing sports, rockpools with loads of fish and crabs and rocks to scramble on.


Fun in the sun


Fun in the waves

The kids all get on famously so the adults can just sit back and relax (apart from the youngest who even though he’s only 4 still insists on climbing the steepest, sharpest rocks much to his parents despair and fear)


D practices his coasteering techniques


EWO goes fishing

Building a sandcastle and then watching the tide try to wash it away it also a big favourite. I missed out this year – everyone stays for the week while I have to go back to work for a few days.


It's a serious business

It’s all hands to try to build various walls and towers to divert the incoming tide and it never fails to make me smile at how middle-aged professionals (like me) instantly become children again with beach spade in their hand and take the whole business so VERY seriously. I’m not in my second childhood, I’m still in the first one. I hope never to grow up and be a serious adult

This year the weather was stunning and warm so there was plenty of chance to swim, play in the waves and with the various boards and inflatables.


The simple pleasures


Inflatable fun

Even the adults are allowed in on the action. Mind you I suspect that ED (Beating the Bounds) may need a slightly more robust surfboard to support his ample frame. If you enjoy the image check out the video footage in the slideshow at the bottom


Drowning with style

Beach sports are also a great way to expend some energy. We had some great (if rather unskilled games of cricket – you’d think some of the adults had never caught a ball before). Me, EWO and his daughter E are also big fans of beach tennis – I find it much easier to play without the distraction and inconvenience of things like nets and lines.


Sport played at the highest level


It's here that future champions are born

It was also warm enough for an evening BBQ on the beach. Tell me if there is a better way to spend an evening than sitting on the beach with a cold beer in one hand, burger in the other watching the sun-set while the kids enjoy the simple pleasures of sea and sand. Magic


Feeding the hungry mob


Toasted Marshmallows - always a hit with the kids


Eating is also a serious business

Just like every year this holiday was one of the highlights Even though we’ve since been to Provence this is still my fondest holiday memory of the year. Can’t say more



Enjoy the slideshow below and if you want to check out an alternative perspective, head on over to Beating the Bounds and his beach related post. Further posts on our walk on the Nantlle Ridge and the local Carn Fadryn to follow soon


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8 responses to ““Didn’t we have a loverley time……”

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  1. The slideshow is a work of art. Can’t help feeling that I ought to have some sort of ‘final approval’ rights though – it would be a whole lot better with some judicious pruning. (Thanks for that btw!) The EWO and I were only saying on Saturday, on our way down off Loughrigg, that our week there is absolutely unbeatable. What the hell will we do when the kids hit their teens and get too cool to mess about on the beach with us? At least S might stop climbing those cliffs I suppose!
    Might haul my ‘ample frame’ off to bed now then.


  2. Now that you are a proper “journalist”, surely you can understand the importance of freedom of speech. I think there is genuine public interest in this story and they have right to know. As a responsible blogger I see it as my role to report only the facts and let the public make their own judgement. Take out your own super-injunction if you dare.

    I imagine little will change once the kids go their own way. We’ll still be on the beach trying to pretend we are still in our teens or twenties – and absolutely nothing wrong with that. I’m Peter Pan me – never grows up


  3. Just don’t waste your time bothering to hack my mobile phone!

    I’m not growing up either. Only outwards.


  4. I have my own code of ethics – you’re in big trouble


  5. TBH says you’re selling it too well – she’s afraid that the campsite might be full of “riff-raff” next year. I told her not to worry – your blog only attracts the highest quality readers.


  6. If only I had that kind of influence. Nearly got my views up to 400 last month – quite pleased with that.

    Riff Raff? – that’s us isn’t it?


  7. lol, enjoying the comments… 🙂
    sounds like a great wee break, I’m a bit like yourself in that I refuse to completely grow up especially when I’m with the kids.


    • Thanks David, don’t let anyone tell you to grow up – if anyone says “don’t you ever grow up?” I take it as a compliment. Mine and BtB’s mate Old Father Sheffield always says that us – he’s well old before his time!


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