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As promised here a few more photos and an extensive collection of video footage of my surf kayaking  antics taken when I was in Cornwall earlier this summer (the more genteel family photos are here).


Me and GM went primarily to Perranporth where almost all the footage and shots are taken. The first couple of days the weather was pretty awful but the waves were clean and easy to catch making for some long rides. Later in the week the wind picked up and the waves were bigger but messy making for short but more bouncy rides in the sunshine.




We also had a day at Crantock although due to a serious schoolboy error the batteries went flat on both cameras and I forgot the spares. We did catch some decent waves and found a handy spot on the extreme north side of the beach where we could paddle out without being hit by the waves and then pop out from behind the rocks and catch the surf.


I’ve now fixed up the attachment on the kayak so these are the first clips of yours truly in glorious action and I have to admit I think they are pretty cool. The shots are much better than those with camera perched on my head as the camera is a long way from the water and you get exaggerated movement so it looks a little unnatural.

Still need to iron out some problems with the camera. How to stop the lens misting up in warm sunny weather when the water is cold (same problem with my waterproof camera). How to stop the camera being pushed over by the waves. How to set and frame the picture. Still all part of the fun.

Love the surfing, love the camera, love the footage

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14 responses to “Wipeout!!

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  1. That looks very cool. Must admit I still enjoy the capsizes the most!


    • Why am I not surprised you enjoyed my less than impressive moments. I still remember the Mick McManus and the strapless ball-gown look you carried off so well. My film -making skills are good though eh! “I’d just like to thank………………….”


  2. I think I might enjoy that somewhere nice and warm. Some lovely desert island, with nice bars and restaurants. I have come to look at destinations now in a different light…


    • That’s what my wife thinks. I’m happy out there in the rough, cold Atlantic ocean complete with its usual collection of undesirable objects – fill in your own words there. She prefers the Maldives and Provence – can’t imagine why

      Mind you she has been known to put on a couple of wetsuits and body-board (check out the other Cornwall post footage for he endeavours)


  3. I am nor sure that a gentleman should be looking at another man’s wife in such skimpy attire… (hers, that is)…


  4. that is one well put together video, perfectly matching soundtrack as well.
    seriously good footage, looks a blast 🙂


    • Thanks David – really glad you liked the footage and the tunes – I thought something fast and noisy fitted the bill. Took me a a couple of weeks to edit over an hour of raw video down to 6 minutes. Can be a bit frustrating as my PC isn’t really powerful enough to handle the editing software but I quite enjoy putting it all together. As it’s HD footage it looks awesome on my big TV in the lounge

      It is a blast and I love it – give it a go sometime!


  5. That was great fun! I assume the video was shot by one of the kids strapped onto the front of the board? If not it’s a belter of an idea for next time. You really shouldn’t have told Mr Sloman about the adult sized baby grow…bad mistake. 😆


  6. I think we should re-title this blog, Ken, as Blogger’s Wives… (If the present Mrs Surfnslide sees Andy’s suggestions, the “Wives” bit could well be correct in very short order…)

    It was a very fetching ‘baby-gro’ – it has to be said…


  7. Oops…must have read the bit about the adult sized baby grow out loud. Just heard the words “No chance!” coming from the next room. 😳 Some people have all the luck. 😦


    • One thing I can safely say – it is NOT fetching! It has given a massive laugh to everyone who has seen her in it though and I’m glad to have shared that with a wider audience. Go on, buy her one for xmas -“for the woman who has everything”

      I think I may be in trouble! Might not be seeing any form of fetching attire for a while, baby-gro or otherwise


  8. One of the few videos that tempted me to buy a five o, its being delivered thursday! 27/03/14. hopefully i will be having as much fun as you are.


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