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Every Xmas all our old university friends and their families rent a Youth Hostel for a weekend for some walking and socializing. For a couple of years we stayed at the wild and lonely Coniston Coppermines hostel up in the hills. It’s a sensational location (once you get past the rather bumpy track you have to drive up) and we’ve experienced some pretty wild weather, including really heavy snow on the second trip. I have some photos on Flickr from our first trip and second trip if anyone is interested.

Back to the reason for the post. The whole area was extensively mined and everywhere you walk there are old adits and mines and things that look interesting but far to dangerous to explore. I have dabbled in caving in the past and me, GM in particular get quite tragically excited when we see a dark hole to explore (smutty comments to yourself PLEASE!). We’ve had a look inside a couple of the mine entrances but they look seriously unstable with dodgy planks of wood covering the holes in the floor. GM has now come across the following website which has some really detailed articles about exploring this underground wonderland.

If you ever plan to or have been walking in this fantastic area, wondered what all the mine workings are about and what’s under your feet then these articles are fascinating. The one about the guy who dived into the depths for look around is particularly amazing. It’s a bit technical but still a fascinating look into one of the most dangerous sports on the planet



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  1. It’s interesting stuff isn’t it. Not for the likes of me, that’s for sure. I’m not sure if I recommended this before, but I think you’ll find it fascinating (as I did) and I’m sure that GM would too:
    It’s the first of a series of posts (you need to read them all) detailing the exploration of Wythburn mine on Helvellyn over several years – great photos, great writing and a really interesting story.



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