Pembrokeshire – May Half Term 2011- part 2   4 comments

Where was I? Oh yes carrying on from part 1 of our Pembrokeshire trip. There I was, slaving away over my laptop in the heady world of mobile communications while the family enjoyed some late spring sunshine. I took off early on the Friday and met them on Broad Haven South beach again, this time on a stunning clear afternoon baking under a hot sun. Summer it seems was back so I went for a swim.

Water sports at Broad Haven South

Water was crystal clear but flippin’ cold, wish I’d had my snorkelling stuff with me. Had to be satisfied with a swim and a couple of coasteering jumps from the rocks. It would also have been a cracking evening for a meander up the coast in the kayak, exploring the caves, arches and blowholes and getting up close and personal with the sea-birds –  alas the boat was back at the cottage.

Appetite suitably whetted we had some BBQ hot-dogs on the beach (with added quartz minerals as the wind picked up while we were cooking). Sometimes you can’t beat the simple pleasures of sitting on a warm deserted beach under blue sky with great views and some BBQ grub.

Beach BBQ

Beach BBQ

We finished off with a leisurely stroll across the beach in the warm evening sunshine, and it was pushing 9pm when we finally left the beach. Nice finish to the day when I was sat at my desk at home earlier in the day.

Sunset Stroll

The next day looked equally good so it was an easy decision to head to Marloes. The kids love the beach. It has excellent rocks for scrambling about on and there are always big rock pools deep enough for a swim. I’ve never spent a full day on the beach and was hoping for some waves to surf. Unfortunately there was no decent surf – probably just as well as it’s a mile from the car park and a long way to drag the boat. I settled for a day of serious pottering about, building sand castles and having some quality time with the kids

It was glorious when we got there but a quite windy. Luckily we found a sheltered spot out of the wind and while J basked in the sun I took the kids for a walk to the far end of the beach


We spent the rest of the day doing nothing in particular, watching the waves, diverting rivers on the beach, making sand castles the usual sort of thing.


L was brave enough to go for a swim in the pools and had a fine time running and jumping in the waves (see the videos in the YouTube clip at the bottom)

Water baby


Watching the tide come in

Fun in the sun 1

Fun in the sun 2

It amazes me where the time goes in a day on the beach. Before we knew it, it was 5pm and time to head home. We had planned a BBQ back in the garden and wanted to make the most of it. The view across the beach on the way back to the car park is one of my favourites in the area.

Marloes – tide out

Back at the cottage we had a lovely BBQ, the cottage in Llangwm is one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever stayed. It’s on the Cleddau estuary and just sitting and watching the tide slowly ebb and flow and listening to the birdsong is truly relaxing. We have been so lucky to spend time here

BBQ in the garden

For the last day we had planned to go back to Broad Haven South for a walk on the cliffs. However someone decided that the best day to run the Pembroke half-marathon was on a Sunday in half-term week. This involved closing off most of the main access roads into the town and consequently there was no way to get to the south coast. Frustrated and quite frankly, annoyed, we had to drive back over the toll – for the second time in 15 minutes and head somewhere else (rant over). We headed for the St Ann’s peninsula as I’d never been there. It’s a different style of coast with twisted rock strata of red cliffs rather than the limestone of the South but it provides a great contrast with the blue sky. It was also carpeted with wild flowers and pretty much deserted

St Ann’s Head looking towards Marloes

Little Castle Point and Frenchman’s Bay

The photo below is taken near the lighthouse at the far-end and it’s one of the best examples I’ve seen of folded rock strata. The kids were fascinated by the idea you can “bend and twist” rock.

Folded rocks on the headland

The end of the peninsula was disappointing with far too much chain link fence and concrete. We were planning to walk up the other side of the peninsula but the Milford Haven Sound is festooned with oil refineries. Another mystery of why such a stunning area is seen as prime territory for industrial development. We satisfied ourselves with a lovely picnic on the cliffs.

Picnic on the cliffs

This part of the coast is renowned for seals and dolphins but we didn’t see any wildlife other than some wild horses and a field of young bulls blocking the path back to the car. We finished off the day and the holiday with another stroll across the beach at Marloes before we headed back to the cottage to pack and go home after a great week

Part 1 of the trip is here if you missed it and you can check out the full set of photos and video in the slide show below or on my Flickr site here

4 responses to “Pembrokeshire – May Half Term 2011- part 2

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  1. May! May was awful up here in Scotland. I had read on not looking at the title thinking it was the summer hols. Couldn’t believe the weather when I realised. Looked a great trip for the kids…and the adults! Nothing like a bit of sunshine and a beach. 😀

    • We are blessed indeed this year! May Bank Holiday in the Lake District was superb and we were up in North Wales this week with equally good weather (family are still there while I languish alone and depressed at home).


  2. Enjoyed reading these reports (appreciate it’s now very much in the past tense!). My parents have recent;y bought a cottage in St Ishmaels so we are hoping to have some summer trips there for coast path walking and swimming 🙂


    • Always nice to go back and look at great trip again. Pembrokeshire has all the coastal magnificence of Cornwall without the crowds. Some of the beaches are magnificent. Happy times 🙂
      Be great to have a cottage down there, look forward to some trip reports when you get chance to spend some time there


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