To Legislate or Educate – That is the question?   2 comments

There is an excellent post over at Scottish Mountains about the increasing problem with people using wild camping spots in the highlands – in this instance Loch Lomond – as a location for a drunken party. The response has been ban camping there which is worrying step in an erosion of our access rights but as I commented on the post I don’t have an answer to this problem as clearly something has to be done. This could be the thin end of a worrying wedge so take a read of the post and the linked articles. Whatever your views on this, the situation and the possible actions to remedy it are something anyone with a passion for the outdoors should be concerned about

Posted June 15, 2011 by surfnslide in Rants

2 responses to “To Legislate or Educate – That is the question?

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  1. It’s a difficult one this one isn’t it – you can see why some people would want a ban, but then all campers are tarred with the same brush and as you say our access rights are degraded. Apparently years ago (can’t remember where I read this) massive groups used to turn up in the Lake District’s more popular valleys (Langdale particularly I think) and set up huge wild camps in the valleys which could be unruly. Eventually a stop was put to this practice, although I’m not sure how. I can remember years ago meeting large groups in bothies who seemed to have carried in vast quantities of alcohol and were more intent on getting blind drunk than on enjoying their surroundings. Then again – anyone who witnessed one of our New Year bothy trips might have said something similar about us. Well some of us anyway. Well – mostly me really – but as you know I hold you and Crystal Tips chiefly responsible for that.
    Can we expect this flurry of postings to continue unabated?


  2. I feel a little red-faced at one or two of our antics but in all seriousness we were just a little boisterous. Whatever the solution or way forward might be it’s something that definitely needs to be highlighted.

    Don’t start with “it was your fault” stuff about Suardalan again. You were a master of your own destiny. Does the other half know that full story yet? Shall I write a blog for it?

    The posts will abate for a bit while I’m in Cornwall but I’m trying to broaden my post topics a bit


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