Virtual Outdoors aka “Where the **** is summer?”   3 comments

I was supposed to be meeting some friends for a long-awaited trip to the Berwyns today. UK weather put a stop to that. It’s been raining all day since early hours and at 4:30 pm it still is. In fact my fingers and feet are cold and I even came close to putting the heating on – what is going on. Oh how we enjoyed those heady days of warm sunshine in April and early May. Boy are we paying a price for it now!

I’ve been sitting at my PC all day playing with the look and feel of my blog pages and taking some time to take a look at what else is out there and adding some links to my blogroll and signing up for some updates and the like. So much great stuff out there from amusing anecdotes to trip reports (so much to do and see, so little time to do it) to the more serious side, especially the continuing tale of the efforts of the UK governments and landowners to cover every square inch of the outdoors with wind turbines. I was wondering what to do with myself today (no walking, no surf, no snow, no kids around) but the time has flown by just reading everyone elses blogs. It never fails to amaze and impress me at the sheer quantity and quality of the outdoor world online. I need to set aside a few hours a week to keep up to date as well as keeping my own blog going

Despite vowing never to register on Facebook (or even Twitter) I may even give it go later – in name of work related research you understand. I work for Nokia Services so I guess I should try to “get” the whole social networking thing

I hope some of you have managed to find some decent weather today and avoid the washout that I’ve been looking out of the window at all day



Posted June 12, 2011 by surfnslide in Other

3 responses to “Virtual Outdoors aka “Where the **** is summer?”

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  1. I always make the most of any good weather like we had in April and May. You never know if that is the summer !!


  2. Thanks Mark – so glad I went out yesterday. I always think some poor weather makes you appreciate the good days even more but day’s like today are for “admin”


  3. I had an excellent half-day – and made it back to the car before the spite arrived. More of that eventually at some point – I have another ‘stuff what I saw on me way home from work’ post to do first.



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