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My normal drive home from Bristol takes me along the Wye valley between Chepstow (one of my Slovakian colleagues at work once called it Chickenstowe!) and Monmouth so time for a change from mountain climbing. . The Wynd Cliffe area I was in has some great views over the lower reaches of the valley. Having left the car at Upper Wynd Cliffe I walked down to the view-point at Lower Wynd Cliffe. There is a lot of forest in these parts so expansive views are few and far between but when they appear they are pretty decent.

Wye Valley from Lower Wynd Cliffe

Wye Valley from Lower Wynd Cliffe

You then have to climb back up to the top again along a steep path with handrails and metal steps called the “365 steps”. I counted them. There were less than 365. I feel cheated. I’m over it now though! At the top you reach a lookout called predictably, Eagles Nest, although the views over the valley, Chepstow (racecourse and castle both visible if you look closely in the photos) and especially of the two Severn bridges.

Chepstow and Severn Estuary from Eagles Nest

Second Severn Crossing from Eagles Nest

Severn Bridge from Eagles Nest

From there it’s a long steady walk through the woods along the Wye Valley Walk. J & D did this section last year and whilst there are no views there were plenty of grey squirrels and blackbirds to keep me company. The Wye Valley Walk heads down into Tintern but my route took me back across the meadows to the car, lovely in the evening sunshine and deserted.

I hadn’t seen a soul all evening on my 3.8 mile walk.

Full set of Flickr photos here


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  1. Ah, memories of the West Country when I lived near Bath.


  2. TBH and I once did Tintern to Chepstow and back which I remember as a cracking walk – and I know that we’ve done at least one other walk by the Wye with you. Oh – and we visited the castle which overlooks the Wye the name of which escapes me at present. Oh and Symonds Yat once too. I’d love to do the entire Wye Valley way – I even got as far as buying a small (Council produced I think) pamphlet/guide.
    I was talking to somebody only this week who’s in-laws live virtually next door to it, but who have never visited the castle. Now, who was that….
    Oh dear – senility is setting in al…what were we talking about?


  3. Thanks Mark – I’m a bit too much of a peak bagger for my own good sometimes. The walks along the edges of the gorge of the Wye valley are top notch so I need to explore more especially as I drive through it 3-4 times a week!
    BtB – J and D are section walking the Wye Valley walk and have done Chepstow to Ross over two weekends and they both love it. I know a couple of great Symonds Yat based walks although it’s a bit of tourist flesh-pot. Next time you are near Goodrich (best castle in the area – seriously steep & narrow sprial staircase), head up onto Combe Hill – it’s a fabulous ridge between a massive meander on the Wye. The short section we walked was near Fownhope between Hereford and Ross. I always think of senility…. as……as……. no, its gone


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